Friday, October 24, 2008


Funny thing happened yesterday. Eloise was trying to grab a toy out of Esther's hand and Esther kept turning away and yelling "no no no!" Eloise has a new habit of teasing her little sister, as she knows it drives Esther crazy when she tries to take her toys. Pretty soon, as usual, Esther physically pushes Eloise away and tells her again to just leave her alone.

This is usually the point at which Eloise comes crying to me and telling me that Esther is pushing her and not being which I usually reply, "maybe if you would stop teasing her and trying to take her toys and would LISTEN to her when she says NO, she would not feel the need to push you away."

What happened yesterday though, caught me by complete surprise. After Esther pushed Eloise, Eloise stepped back and came at her with a vicious right hook that took Esther off her feet. My reaction - uncontrollable laughter. Okay, not mom appropriate..but seriously, seeing my sweet little, sensitive girlie assert herself like that took me by complete surprise..and I was both proud(not at the action, but the assertion) and shocked by the event.

After composing myself, they did both get a time out and the toy was put away...mother appropriate of course...but I guess I am glad to know that Eloise has it in her if she really needs to use that assertiveness someday.


Jaci said...

LOL! I've found myself laughing at the kids when it's really inappropriate....but I just can't help myself. Go Eloise for stickin' up for yourself!

Melanie said...

ok now that is funny. and i too am guilty of bad-mommy-laughing.

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