Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I can't believe...

..I missed my much to tell...the food, the presents, the friends, the family. It was a perfect way to turn 40!

Jed spoiled me and surprised me with my LOUIS!!!!!!! Pics to come later..

In the meantime - you can tell by the smile on my face, that I was feeling pretty damn fabulous on my 40th birthday(and I don't look a day over 39) - I am so spoiled.

xoxo, t

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Final Sewing project..

..well, not forever...just my last Holiday gift I finished.

I made these cute little dolls for 2 sweet girls in Oklahoma. Eloise and Esther both helped - it was a fun project to do with them.

We loosely followed this Martha Stewart pattern.

I hope to have more time to sew AFTER the holidays.

xoxo, t

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Tunes...

I mentioned a few posts ago that I don't own a Holiday CD. I am really okay with that - don't go out and buy me one. I have a nice borrowed collection from Kristi, and 102.9 has 24 hours of Holiday Music to listen to.

I do have a few favorite Holiday tunes though.

My all time favourite - David Bowie and Bing Crosby singing "Little Drummer Boy"..

There is something about the "old" and "new" singing a tune together that just touches my heart. I can listen and watch this over and over. I think this is from 1977 or so. I was in love with David Bowie back then...English and wearing eye make-up. What do you think Bing thought about that?(the eye make-up part, not the English part). When I think back though, I really did have a thing for guys with make-up. In the early 80's I was madly in deep love with Boy, an English transvestite. Thanks mom and Jack for not judging me when I made you watch the AMA's and was screaming and crying over him. Thankfully my tastes of changed. Well, I did get a bit hot watching Lance on Dancing with the Stars this season..but I digress.

My 2nd favorite Holiday tune(to be an equal opportunity blogger) is from Mr. Adam Sandler. Happy Hanukkah.

From our 4 years at the Jewish Community Center - we are still proudly spinning our Dreidels and Esther has asked me when we are lighting the Menorah. Eloise is also singing "Potato Latkes" nonstop this week. I guess that means I need a recipe.

It is all so confusing sometimes - I got out out Nativity set this week(yes, we do have one) and Eloise told me that Mary was me, Joseph was Santa in his younger years and Baby Jesus was her friend Norah who was born on December 25th. I am sure that sweet Sister Sara is now praying for her.

Whatever you are celebrating - or how or why or with whom - just enjoy some music, some friends, some family and some laughter.
Happy Holidays.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

17 below...

At least that is what my thermometer said this morning. The newsman said -12. Whatever. It is cold. There is also an old wives tale that says it can be too cold to snow - since it snowed most of the day today, I don't believe much of anything I hear lately. The temp mixed with the wind, the snow, Jed calling to tell me he is staying in Miami for an extra day(don't blame him - it is 80 above there), and girls to cart around just made me a bit grumpy today.

Now that the girls are snuggly in bed(after staying up a 1/2 hour late to watch Charlie Brown's Christmas - which brought me to tears when they sang "Hark the Herald Angels Sing"), I can reflect on why I have no right to be grumpy today.

My very positive negative 17 degree day...

- my neighbor called and offered to drive Eloise to school today so I didn't have to bundle up Esther(and myself) by 7:45am. (Thank you Mary...what are you doing tomorrow A.M.? ;-)

- Esther's ballet teacher gave all the moms chocolate(and I ate it all without sharing)

- We still have a full-service gas station at our corner. He pumped my gas happily whilst Esther and I enjoyed the heated truck...and then he gave Esther a candy cane.

- drive-up banking

- thank you to the stranger - who saw me starting to get Esther out of her car seat at Dunn Brothers for my desperate cup of joe(I ran out of beans yesterday) - he stopped me and told me and my daughter to stay in my car while he got my drink - and then refused my money.

- to the lovely lady who we invited to join us at our table at D'amico tonight. She was dining alone and we thoroughly enjoyed her company. Thank you for being so sweet to the girls and buying us a desert. Happy Holidays.

- the girls did not fight once today - a true holiday miracle.

I am looking forward to my next positive negative degree day tomorrow - and thank you in advance to my dear friend who is coming to shovel for me.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Because I am worth it....

In exactly one week, I turn 40. I am excited..and a little in shock...and a little surprised it happened so quickly...but mostly excited.

In this time of economic turmoil and holiday giving - let's just talk about me for a moment and what I want. Because I am turning 40, it will be ALL about me that day, and dammit, I am worth it...and I will throw a tantrum if I can't talk about me for a minute.

When thinking about what I want for my birthday - if you know me, you know I don't want a party or a lot of fuss. I don't want tacky crap that says "over the hill" or everything in black. Really, if you love me...please don't send me stuff like that...really. I am 40 and need to be selfish here. When I really think about it - I want to be a princess that day. Isn't that what my 6 and almost 4 year old girls want to be on their birthdays? Why not me? Why not a 40 year old.

I don't want to cook for anyone or serve anyone or clean-up after anyone. I want my coffee served to me - my wine glass always full and some hot guy serving me my dinner.

Maybe some fine champagne would be nice.....maybe I will buy a gown just to feel the part all day(maybe not)....
..and maybe even wear a tiara..or any old diamonds will do I suppose....
..mainly though - I plan on buying myself what I really want - A Louis. I've never owned a nice handbag-I am 40 and have been carrying the same bag for 5 years and really don't has never been important to me. I think I now deserve a Louis though. Don't worry, it will be an investment - you know me and I will carry the gem daily for the next 20 years at least...and besides I am worth it.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Deck the Halls...

Yes, Virginia - I did decorate this year. I tried anyway. I put on some techno-funk music from the Netherlands circa 2001(sorry I actually don't own a Christmas CD), opened up some Old Vine Red(much better than eggnog) and decked some halls.

We put up a real tree - you will notice it by the millions of real tree needles throughout our humble abode. We always have a real tree - many years we make the effort and hike out and cut the poor soul down. This year - short of time and cash, we bought it at Ace Hardware for $24.99. Amen.
The girls did a fabulous job with the ornament placement. For the next 10 years, all of our ornaments will be the stuffed/non-breakable type. We are so classy.
Decorative pillow display with stuffed trees(non-breakable - it's our theme this year.)
We tried to put together a cute little elfin/fairy tree - turned out to be Donut's play tree for the holidays. So useful..and never again.
...stockings hung by the chimney with care...
...some fake fruit for the mantle. Daily I have to tell Esther - it is FAKE fruit.
...2 million dolls(slight exaggeration) lined up on the mantle....

..and of course no home is complete without the lovely mesh dress-form. I tied a bow on her since she spent the Fall so naked in our home. I think she looks much more modest and festive now.My stocking - yes, perhaps it could use a good iron. Perhaps my mother will do it when she arrives. This thing is quite a rag though...however it is now 40 years old and needs to stay with me until I die. The story goes - that when I was born at Christmastime some 40 years ago, the crazy nuns had a bit a wine and thought it would be funny to put all of the newborn babies in the hospital in stockings for a picture. I am sure our little mouths and noses where kept above for the good air. The story also goes that my mom shoved me in there as a newborn while she was breaking out of St. Mary's Hospital on Christmas eve as she took out about 6 nuns on her way out of the door. Nothing was going to stop her from spending Christmas at home with family.

My only other Christmas decoration that has lasted me my entire 40 years - my first Christmas ornament. It is full of candy and toys. (now put together with tape - how classy). I am thinking of finally trying a piece of that candy this year...but I would like to live to be 41.Hope your homes and halls are all decked out this Season also. Thank you for letting me share a little peak at ours.
xoxo, t

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I would like to think that 3 years ago today, my Grandma smiled when she opened this card. Seeing her Great-Granddaughters smiling back at her and wishing her a happy birthday had to make her smile.

Sadly, this is the last card I was ever able to send my Grandma for her birthday. I didn't know it at the time. No one did. Selfishly, I am so glad I chose to take a little extra effort that year to send a card with a picture of the girls. Yes, I am glad a took the effort. I know Grandma appreciated it. Grandma appreciated everything. She was quick to smile, quick to laugh, quick and generous with her hugs, kisses, her candy, her wishes. I am so lucky to have know her so long.

It's birthdays like today though, when that person isn't there anymore to send a card to, give a call to, or even better give a hug to...that I realize how important it is to make that extra effort everyday to the loved ones still there for us. I need to realize how lucky I really am...and I need to do a better job most days.

Thanks Grandma for that lesson. Oh, and Happy Birthday. You are missed.

xoxo, t.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It is Official...

I am Old.

When did this happen. When did I grow-up and NOT be that cool teenager anymore, or that smart single girl in her 20's, or the career woman in her 30's. When did I get old?

Not that there is anything wrong with that - I just didn't realize it happened.

My reality check happened this week at Abercrombie & Fitch. Hello..has anyone over 35 stepped in that store lately? Sorry, but I admit I have not be in one in over 10 years. Frankly, because it is not my style anymore, because I am old, and well, I don't date men with that style anymore because well, I don't date since I am married and I don't know any men who dress like that anymore.

However, my teenage nephew - who is cool(they probably don't even use that term anymore..) wants an A&F gift certificate for Christmas. Goodness he doesn't want his old aunt picking out his clothing for him.

I stepped into the store and almost passed out. Seriously, between the ear-splitting music and smell of cheap can anyone be in there for more than 30 seconds? I felt like I was back in a cheap College bar. I kept waiting for the Roxbury Brothers from SNL to make a cameo appearance. I quickly put on my ear plugs and nose plugs(not really, just wishing) and found my way to the counter so I could chat with some lovely teenage girls.

...our conversation...

Girl: "hi"
Me: "I would like to buy a gift certificate"
Girl: "what?"
Me: "I would like to buy a gift certificate"
Girl: "what?"
Girl: "gift certifcate?"
Me: "YES"
Girl: "how much?"
Me: "$xx dollars"
Girl: "what?"
Me: "$xx dollars"
Girl: "what?"
Me:(passing out now from cheap cologne smell and massive headache from REALLY LOUD MUSIC) "$XX DOLLARS"
Girl: "oh, sorry it can be hard to hear in here sometimes."
Me: "Ya think? - Wonder how we could solve that problem.
Girl: "what?"
Me: "nevermind"

I couldn't wait to get out of there and relax with a latte. Perhaps at my age though, I should be moving up to bourbon.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


We had a great time on vacation. Really...Really we did. Skiing was amazing..Really...Really it was. You could never tell it by the expression on Esther's face though. It never changed.

Friday, December 5, 2008

I am A Sheep.

Baa baa. A conformist. A follower. Baa baa.

I mentioned that I read a lot on our vacation. Well, 35 hours in a car gives you some personal time. I had a nice pile of books to bring on the trip - the ones that I collected this Summer and I just kept moving around the house so I could dust them and around them...never opened and never read. I usually stick to the classics, trying to stay away from any series. I have never read Harry Potter. So, I had my classics, my Summer romances, my People magazines and ahem one Danielle Steele(shh!) in my stash. All set. However, on my quick trip to Target to buy the girls some surprise Dora art books for the car, I noticed a display out of the corner of my eye. Oh Rachel, Michelle and Beckie...couldn't you have just kept quiet about these books. I have no need to read them...none. Sucker. I bought it.

I decided that I had to see what all of the hype was about...that is all. After reading a bit, if I decided if it was trash, I could toss it out the window in Nebraska and some rancher would be grateful to save a trip to The Wal-mart to buy it. Funny thing is, I had the book finished by the time we made it to Nebraska. Thank goodness for the movie marathon going on in the backseat - it was "mommy uninterruptus" time. I did remember to throw goldfish to them on occasion.

Now, what to do for the next 8 hours of the trip? Back to my regularly scheduled reading selections. Fine. Within 2 days of being in Vail though - my hunger peaked and I had the visit The Wal-Mart and buy the next installment. Sucker. I skipped skiing for the next 2 days just to read it. Thank goodness for ski school. "Bye-bye girls!"

So, I am a sheep - baa baa..take me to your leader. The final 2 books(in hardcover) are now sitting here next to me. I am trying as I might to save them for Mexico at Christmas. We'll see if I can resist.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Sewing

I am trying to get my sewing done for the Holidays. With the economy the way it is, my intention was to produce sort of a "homemade holiday" for family and friends this year. What was I thinking. Many of you will receive your homemade holiday gifts in August at this rate. I have made a few items though.

I finished about 24 of these gift card holders. The pattern is free from one of my favorite blogs sewmamasew.
I would suggest going there and making your own. Please don't count on me at this point. Thank you.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Happy" Birthday

We took the girls to the American Girl Bistro for Eloise's 6th birthday today.

These girls had fun...

This girl did not...

..and yelled at me most of the way home... year, I am taking these girls only...they smile a lot, don't talk back, like what I dress them in, and are cheap dates. Sure, their hugs are stiff and they don't give kisses.
...maybe I will rethink my strategy by tomorrow. I should sleep on it.

In a Nutshell..

What we did on vacation:

Day 1 - Drive, drive some more, see Iowa and Nebraska out our windows. I read, Jed drove, the girls watched a movie marathon.

Day 2 - Drive, drive some more, see Nebraska and finally Colorado out our windows. I read, Jed drove, the girls watched a movie marathon.

Day 3 - rest(Esther got up at 5:45 as usual), swam, walked around, grocery shopped, laundry - wow, it is like being at home.

Day 4 - Esther and Jed - ski all day, Eloise cry all day, I read all day, trying to ignore crying daughter.

Day 5 - Jed - ski all day, Esther and Eloise cry - and I mean HARD - going into the ski school. I shoved them in quickly for a very quick escape so I could read all day. After the initial screaming, Eloise and Esther ski all day.

Day 6 - Swim, eat and ice skate.

Day 7(Thanksgiving) - All 3 of them ski all day - HAPPILY - and professionally I might add. I read all day(more about my reading addiction later). Get back exhausted to Condo at 5:30 - we had planned to go to a fancy smancy restaurant for their $150 Thanksgiving feast - but the state of my skiers(tired, stinky, crying and laying on the floor) made it impossible. Next best thing, Chinese food! Yummy. Everyone is happy - most important thing about Thanksgiving...happy people being together.

Day 8 - Explore Vail/Eagle valley, swim, eat, clean condo - go see Santa, tree lighting and fireworks at Beaver Creek.

Day 9 - Drive through snowstorm in mountains and finally make it to Nebraska.

Day 10 - Drive though ice storm in Iowa, DVD player in the car breaks, finally make it home.

Whew! We had a fabulous time...first vacation in over a year. ..and YES, I AM a skier...I LOVE to ski...and YES, we were in Vail and Beaver Creek and I DID NOT ski. Can you believe it? Crazy. Not really. This was the girls first time skiing and I really wanted to watch them and take pictures..and you know, I don't think I've read a book in 2 years - so I read 6 of them last week...ALL BY MYSELF - with NO ONE asking me for goldfish once. It was sunny and lovely and I sat outside with my latte, camera and my book for 7 hours a day. Pure bliss I tell ya - and FREE too! xoxo,t

Monday, December 1, 2008

We're Back...

..with so much to tell. First, enjoy our, you are right, this is NOT Minnesota!
xoxo, t
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