Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday!

It was Jed's birthday yesterday...a fun time was had by all..

..we had cake -professionally baked and frosted by his girls...complete with his KTM and Ducati(sorry I couldn't find an FJR)
..we had flowers professionally arranged by Esther who is studying metamorphosis in preschool - so she insisted on the butterfly bouquet...
..we had cute party guests with cute hats....
...we had cake presentation...
..and singing Happy Birthday to oneself...

..and a family blow...
...and someone who desperately needs a new bra..maybe for his 40th next year..that would be special....Happy 39th Jed a.k.a Daddy - we love you!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Are you my daughter?

When did you grow-up so fast...when did you start looking so darn grown-up...where did my baby go.

..and why are you mixing ballet with cheerleading - and why don't my legs look that good anymore..and how does your knee turn in like that?
..and why do you give me dirty looks now when I take your picture?
..and now tell me what to do all of the time, as somehow you now know more than I do?
..and yes, I know my skirt didn't match yesterday - no need to stare...and why after being outside all Summer are you still so lovely white?

..and why do you get me with that gorgeous smile every time? When did my baby grow-up to be such a beautiful precious girl, my lovely daughter. I love you Miss Eloise.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Practical Planning...

With Fall's big arrival..we are busy finalizing our Halloween costumes. Do your kids spend the whole year after Halloween planning for the next Halloween? Every day brings a new idea..and every day a sentence I hear is "mom, for Halloween I want to be....". We have heard it all, from Teletubbies to Care Bears, from Princesses to Fairies, from Cinderella to Snow White, and of course peanut butter and jelly sandwich(a BLT would be better - but I need one more kid).

Currently - they both want to be fairies. I am not sold on the idea. Would I be a really mean mom if I made them be what I want them to be...just this year. Next year they can be fairies in tights, tutus, wings and tiaras.

This year I want them to be Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton! Is that so wrong? Do you think they will let me? It is just so darn relevant and it would be hilarious! It is perfect...sweet Eloise dressed in her designer size 6 suit with an up-do and her "tina fey" glasses, designer shoes, lipstick, toy rifle on her back, dragging a dead moose behind her, and me dressed up as her pregnant 17 year old daughter....aahhh..the memories we will make. Oh, and silly Esther in her smart blond bob, her ugly 4T pant suit, cream pumps, Obama pin and Jed, dressed up as Bill on a short leash behind her.

No matter that the girls may not "get it" this year - why they are dressed up as current political figures. I am going for it - they can be fairies next year..heck they can be fairies on November 1st if they like..but October 31st is my night this year.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Goodbye Summer...

Goodbye Summer
Goodbye bees
Goodbye Summer's boo-boo knees

Goodbye flowers
Goodbye grass
Goodbye days that last and last
Goodbye mosquitos
Goodbye cornstalks
Goodbye to heads that hit sidewalks
Goodbye Summer
Bring on Fall
A Season that will bring healing to us one and all.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Simple Things...

Can I just share that yesterday I drank a 20 ounce cup of hot prune juice and ate 1/2 a watermelon and I feel MUCH bettter.

Thank you.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dear Diary...

I have a confession. I can only tell you, as so many others would not understand..and I want to be truthful. I feel like a bad mom..well, because I don't want to volunteer at school. Really, I don't want to. Last month when I got all of the school paperwork, there was that dreaded volunteer form...ugh, I hated filling it out. Especially in the section where they say "list your special talents that you can contribute to our school.." NONE..I have NONE..and I want, can I write a check instead..really? I don't want special talents - nor do I know what a special talent is? I don't do crafts, speak a foreign language, write poetry or play the drums. I do ebay..can I teach kids to sell stuff on ebay? Wouldn't that be hoot..but ya know, I really don't want a special talent - because then they WOULD call me to volunteer and I don't want to....really I don't want to.

There are many reasons why I don't want to volunteer:

1. I pay tuition - a lot of it - can't you pay/hire people to do those "special talent" thingys? really..I pay good money..hire it out.

2. I have no special talents - nor do I want any, and if I did have any..if I taught them to all of the kids, it wouldn't be so special anymore, would it?

3. I send my kids to school so they are AWAY from me - so I have my special "mommy lonely" time..I like mommy lonely time..why after dropping my kids off at school would I then GO to their school to see them again..really, why? Oh, right..I want to be at school to see what is really going on and to see my kids in that element..ya know, really I am okay not knowing. I know when I was a kid I was glad my mom worked full-time and didn't spend time spying on me at school. Really. Somehow I just trust that it is all good and I don't need to be one of those parents overseeing what they are doing/not doing, whatever..and hey, they are AWAY from is all good.

4. Kids scare me. Really, they do. I don't know what to say to them..especially the crazy 9 year old boys who act like monkeys. They scare me and I would rather not be around them for long periods of time.

5. I like my kids - but I am just not too fond of other peoples kids. There I said it. My kids are gorgeous, witty, smart, perfect in every way..and all those others..well they aren't.(okay, now know I am exaggerating here a bit..but hear me out..this is how I really feel.) I was never one of those kids who liked babysitting...EVER..when I was 13 and had to babysit a few times..I would just stare at these 3 year olds like "what in the world am I suppose to do with them..they aren't fun?" I didn't like to play kid games and run around in circles and listen to Old MacDonald. I didn't get it and swore when I grew-up I would never have kids..because well, they were kids..such strange beings. So, I never really babysat, avoided children at all costs, and when I was planning for my career - believe me it never ONCE crossed my mind to go into teaching, become a nurse, go into social work or become a prison warden for that matter. I only looked at careers that would have me talking to adults ALL day every day. I never changed other people's kids diapers, I never held a newborn, or wanted to hold a newborn. Kids had icky snotty noses, puked and pooped everywhere...what was the allure. Well, I had my kids and their snot, puke and poop were like flowers..perfect, beautiful and lovely..but not so much with the rest of the child population. Anyway, volunteering at school just doesn't fit for me. that out.

6. Children don't appreciate my whit and sarcasm. Sometimes I say inappropriate things and think it is funny..and well, most 'school folk' just don't get it. Nothing bad..just things like "if you don't eat that carrot I will lock you in the coat closet" or "here eat this chocolate and let's not tell your mom." It is not like I am serious or anything - but kids don't get it and more important teachers and staff have an issue with it.

Well, Diary - thank you for letting me get this off of my chest today. Can you tell they made me volunteer at school today - in the cafeteria..pretty much SCHOOL VOLUNTEER HELL - the place the put us parents when we have no "special talents" to share with the group - nice.

Prima Ballerinas

The girls started their first ballet lessons yesterday. Since their birth, as all 'good' moms of the 21st century in our goal to overachieve and fill our babies days with lessons upon lessons..we have done it all - music, art, swimming, gymnastics, soccer, skiing, skating, and so on...but I have never signed them up for dance.

Last week, I caved and decided..what the heck - let's do dance this year..but if we are going to do it - we are not going to do community ed or some version of pseudo-dancing..we are going to go to an actual ballet studio and sign-up for the whole-meal we did. Yesterday we started.

Can I just say I have never seen so much excitement about an activity in either of my girls before. They both ran into their classes without barely a good-bye mom..they danced, they laughed, they smiled, they ran out of class afterwards never wanting to change out of their leotards(lelatards in Esther-speak)..and asked if they could do it every day.

I am so proud of them and how they are growing up and hope they can find many activities that they can enjoy as they grow. I am such a proud mom today.

Picture share of Esther only - as Eloise was having nothing to do with her embarrassment of a mom taking pictures of her with her 'friends'..blah, blah, next week I need a plan B for Eloise pictures so she doesn't take notice of me.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Saturday Night Live...

I will not use my blog this season to discuss my political views - or those of others who are wrong(hahahahehehehe)...but I am happy to have a good laugh about it all. If you missed SNL's must watch it now...Tina Fey was just sweet perfection..

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Laugh sequence....

My little Esther-boo has an amazing sense of humor..and her laughter is contagious..better yet..her laughter makes me laugh. The other day I was going to attempt to take pictures of her in her Matilda Jane combo..but she was in no mood. Instead I got something better...her laughter brought on by an Eloise joke.

Listening to Eloise's story...
Trying not to laugh at Eloise's story...
Really trying not to laugh at Eloise's Story...
Pure and lovely laughter...
..throw your head back belly laughter...
..just realized I was taking her picture... she strikes a "pose"

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Not Breaking News...

..but on Friday morning when I put out Eloise's school uniform for her to wear(..and no, it was not ironed, it will never be ironed, I do not iron..but it looked okay), she said to me..

"Really, this is really what I am wearing EVERY DAY for the rest of my have got to be joking."

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gerbil Stories

(I am telling this sweet story of our conversation yesterday in the strictest NOT let Eloise know I passed this she would be sooo mad at me.)

Me: "Hey sweetie - did you have a good day at school?"
Eloise: "Oh mom - look, look - there is my 8th grade buddy Natalie! I am so lucky, I got the tallest and the prettiest..and she wears braids." (I am thinking that I really like her because she is 14 and wears braids!)
Me: "Why do you have an 8th grade buddy?"
Eloise: "Because we will go to church for the 1st time tomorrow - so they paired us up with a buddy to take us to church the whole year - she will sit by me and tell me why I am there and what they are doing"
Me: "What a great idea - she looks like a nice fun!"
Eloise: "Yes, but today wasn't very much fun as all we did the whole day was get ready for church - how we would walk there, what they would do, how long it would last, and then Sister Sara just told us Gerbil Stories all day..ugh"
Me: "Gerbil Stories - what are that a new book you are reading?"
Eloise: "Yes, the Gerbil Stories is a book all about God and Jesus and going to church."
Me: "Huh, never heard of it - is is a big book or a bunch of little books?"
Eloise: "It is just one big Gerbil Book with lots of different stories in it...some kids at school said they had a Gerbil Book at home too."
Me: (trying really really really hard not to laugh) "OH, you mean BIBLE STORIES - was the big book called the Bible?"
Eloise: "Gerbil, is just a book about God."

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Day!

Esther started preschool yesterday. The day wouldn't be complete without wearing Matilda Jane from head to toe.

..right before leaving home..

...after we dropped Eloise off at school, I took her for a carrot muffin at a favorite bakery - note the last minute hair style change on the way to school...

..all smiles after school..she loved her first day and played with lots of her friends that she already knew...

What did I do? Laundry, vacuum, make MJ phone calls and ate a piece of toast..maybe I will take that run today.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kindergarten Top Ten

The Top Ten Comments made by Eloise her first week of Kindergarten:

#10 Why is Sister Sara called a Sister? I have a sister, but I don't call her sister?

#9 I will never pee at school.

#8 When we are asked to line up - all of the girls listen and line up quietly and the boys run around like monkeys.

#7 I don't understand gym..why do we all just have to go in a big room and run around in circles..can I have Spanish class instead tomorrow?

#6 I can buy chocolate milk for lunch every day and there is nothing you can say or do about it, because you are not there.

#5 My music teacher's name is Barry Gross..giggle..giggle(sorry it cracks me up that she is already making fun of her teachers)

#4 We pray a lot - what is that all about..I think it is kind of like the blessings we used to say at the Jewish Community Center..just in English.

#3 If I learn to read everything this week - don't feel like you need to stop reading to me.

#2 I have to stay at this school forever so I won't leave Esther since she is so far behind me.

..and the #1 comment made by Eloise this week at school(and yes, heard by her teacher...Sister Sara) "Hey Mom, who is that guy hanging on the wall?"

I told the "guy hanging on the wall" story to a friend and her mother-in-law this weekend, and her MIL told a very funny joke that I won't completely repeat - but this little boy who went to Catholic School in the joke, got straight A's and did all of his homework as he didn't want to end up like the kid on the plus sign on the wall in school.

Oh, little Miss Eloise is having so much fun and learning so much..and I can't imagine the comments and questions she will have after her first Mass this week...especially if you haven't seen my post about her first Pope sighting...sigh..

xoxo, t

Monday, September 8, 2008

Make Believe

Tomorrow my mornings of make-believe, my hours of princess tea parties, my daily ballerina recitals, and occasional rock concerts will come to an end. Tomorrow, my Minnie Mouse, necklace wearing, poodle purse carrying, tutu wearing, ballet shoe adorned princess will start preschool.
Tomorrow, there will be no one to make me laugh uncontrollably, no one to make-up songs with, no one to take the zoo wearing the most fabulous ensemble of the week.
Tomorrow I will have Mommy "lonely" time - where I can drink a coffee with a friend, go for a long run interrupted, actually clean my house, read some blogs, and take time to take-in my perfectly quiet house.

I will miss my princess of make believe...but not enough that I will be playing dress-up and dancing to Dan Zane tomorrow, all by my lonely mommy self.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

European Fashions...

Since I still have nothing brilliant to say...I will bore you with more cuteness. I love European clothing for children - the fit, the style, the fabrics, the feel, the is the complete package.

Little Esther is in her new dress and tights from IKKS - one of my all time favorite brands. She continued to wear this dress for most of the 92 degree day we had.

..and if you are wondering how Miss Eloise is doing - she is doing great in Kindergarten. I will get a post together with all of her questions, comments, triumphs and tears from the first week.

xoxo, t
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