Thursday, September 4, 2008

With a Purpose...

The last few weeks I have been following the tragic story of Stephanie and Christian Nielson. Their plane went down a few weeks ago, killing their pilot and leaving them with critical injuries. They are the parents of 4 beautiful children and my heart just goes out to their families.

You can follow their recovery stories at 2 of my favorite blogs...

Stephanie's blog..and her sweet sister's blog cjanerun.

You can make a direct donation following this link:

...and we at Matilda Jane are helping too..

From September 5th to September 12th, Matilda Jane is donating 10% of it's revenue directly to the Nielson family.

You can see the details on the Matilda Jane Blog.

..and let's all give this family our time, prayers and love as they continue to heal.

1 comment:

Kristi Pohl said...

We just keep getting reminded of how truly lucky and blessed we are in our own lives.

Thanks for sharing this story.

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