Thursday, September 25, 2008

Are you my daughter?

When did you grow-up so fast...when did you start looking so darn grown-up...where did my baby go.

..and why are you mixing ballet with cheerleading - and why don't my legs look that good anymore..and how does your knee turn in like that?
..and why do you give me dirty looks now when I take your picture?
..and now tell me what to do all of the time, as somehow you now know more than I do?
..and yes, I know my skirt didn't match yesterday - no need to stare...and why after being outside all Summer are you still so lovely white?

..and why do you get me with that gorgeous smile every time? When did my baby grow-up to be such a beautiful precious girl, my lovely daughter. I love you Miss Eloise.


Aunt Sandy said...

Oh so true and beautiful....thanks for sharing

Kristi Pohl said...

that last picture is absolutely gorgeous, a beatiful portrait of your lovely girl. you must enlarge that one and frame it!

Beth and Bill said...

So sweet!!!!!

How are you storing all these gorgeous pics? You are going to need a warehouse even for digital!

ginny said...

Beautiful. She looks so grown up!!! I love all of the pictures and especially the last one.

Peggy Marino said...

Glad you can share these beautiful pictures with us, since we don't get to see these beauties grow up in person. So grown up. Tell her Thank you for sharing. Love Aunt Peggy

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