Sunday, August 31, 2008

Get together...

As many of your know, I am a loner, like my space, quiet time, introspective thinking. But once a year, I break through all of my introverted idiosyncrasies and go to the Minnesota State Fair. It is the largest State Fair in the country..and I spend time with 100,000 of my closest friends on any given day.

It is now a family tradition for us - we always go - since Eloise was 7 months old and cried for most of it, and I nursed her in the cow barn. (I thought it was a fitting place and it just seemed so well..natural..but stinky).

We ate, we went on too many rides(seriously, I will be glad when they start going alone because I get too dizzy at my age), saw baby animals being born, saw all of the animals, went on the water ride and got soaked, ate lots of a stick, drank unlimited milk(moo), and just generally walked and talked and people watched.

It is one of my most treasured days of the years...pure joy for the kids, seeing so many neighbors, friends and strangers just simply enjoying everything our great State has to offer. It is the perfect ending to the Summer.

xoxo, t

Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting Ready...

Last night was Kindergarten open house at Eloise's school. We found out who her teacher is(Sister Sarah), got the low-down on drop-off and pick-up, loaded her lunch money account, dropped off her zillions of school supplies, paid our very first tuition check(choke) and found out her best friend is not in her class(tears for both of us). Don't you just hate trying to comfort your child when you are crying too. That is soooo not me to do that..typically I am NOT a crier. But, I was fighting back tears the whole hour we were there. Don't get me wrong..I am SOOO ready for her to go to school, she is SOOOO ready to go to school and I am SOOO ready for Summer to be over..but just thinking about the fact that this is the 1st day of real school for the next 17++ years just seems so overwhelming to me. I was never sad when either of my girls started pre-school as I just needed a bit of a break..but this is so, well, permanent.

Our whole group of friends have incoming Kindy's this it has been interesting talking about the emotions we are feeling. I have a very good friend who came into our home on Sunday to buy some Matilda Jane and she mentioned her dear boy was starting school on Tuesday and we both burst into tears. She is such a good mom - she even road the bus with him on his 2nd day. I did giggle when I heard that..and then thought that I am SOOO glad Eloise doesn't ride a bus as I would've wanted to ride all week with her. Another good friend followed the school bus in her car to be able to watch her little boy walk into school and then she probably did surveillance for most of the day with high-tech video equipment.

Eloise is so ready though and I am so proud of her. She came home with homework from the Open House and she rushed immediately to the table to do it. Esther was jealous as she wanted to make letters on Eloise's homework too..and Eloise proudly said "this is my homework - I will have it everyday because I am a really big girl now and am in Kindergarten and you need to respect my stuff...and remember I am going to be gone all day now and probably won't be home from school until dinner time most days, so don't touch my stuff."

Now poor Esther is in a puddle of tears on the floor yelling that she wants to be 5 so her teeth can fall out, and then she can be in Kindergarten too. Please don't let Esther know that I am hoping that they next 2 years before Esther starts school go slowly for both of us.

xoxo, t

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just to be fair...

..and I am still not talking..well, I can tell ya anything and everything ya want to know about Matilda Jane...but yep, that is about it.

I can tell you that I think I really like this new gig - because over the past 5 days I have make like 100 new friends. Women are so amazing.

Anyway, in place of is Miss Esther in some new Misha Lulu..darn she is cute..I think this set is made for her too.

Maybe I am just being a bit quiet this week as I know my Eloise starts kindergarten in a few days..and I am having trouble thinking about that just yet.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Still catching up...

I don't have time to say anything brilliant this week..well, not that I usually do, but I like to think I do, but I probably don't, but I usually just ramble about silly things.

For those of you that know me well, my bedtime is at 10:20 every night. I haven't been in bed at 10:20 in a week and my whole body is trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

Anyway, to keep you occupied until I return to my brilliant blogging is sweet Eloise is a lovely Wati dress..I really think it was made for her. Look at her little word I am in trouble.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hello..hello...did you miss me..anybody still here...

...Matilda Jane madness has struck..I think everyone is excited about the new line. They must be as I have had 2 phones and 2 computers stuck to my body for 65 hours straight.

I think I still have children..they must be in the closet playing with matches..not sure at this point.

I will be a better blogger later this week when I wake back up and remember what my name is.

xoxo, t

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Call..

Yesterday I received a call from Jack, my step-dad. Jack never calls me...I call know, he is a guy...they just never call. Anyway, he also called from his cell phone...meaning he wasn't home. Not good. Jack is calling and Jack is calling and is not home. Huh. Don't answer it, don't answer it, don't answer it....

I answered it..the 2nd time he called 10 seconds later. Silence, fear, dread, tears..what, are on the golf course and need some advice on putting a 30 footer uphill into the wind, right? No.

"Buff"(that is my nickname)..silence..."Jack.." ..silence...

Okay, well the silence is normal..Jack pauses a bit between words - it is just his way...but why are these pauses longer?

"Buff..your mom is at the hospital..."

"Jack, Jack..are you there..can you hear me.."

"Buff..I am here..your mom is in the ER..she fell"
pause..long pause..." this thing on...please talk again...heellooo"

"She is fine - just a dislocated shoulder, cuts and bruises...but she is fine."

..relief, put the tears back, sit up straighter again, start talking faster again...

"Buff, I think because it is her birthday, she just was trying to figure out how to get a day off of work." ..okay, he is joking now..everything is good..

Happy Birthday, MOM...enjoy your day off from work, take pain meds and don't do that to me again, okay? You are my best friend and I wish I were there to brush your hair today or make you dinner or paint your nails. I can only hope I will be as good of a mom to my girls.

I love you to pieces.
xoxo, t

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Only 3 more days...

...until Matilda Jane...

So if you don't see me around much, it is because I am naked and rolling around in a pile of pure MJ loveliness. Okay, I wouldn't do that..but I would think about it. What I am really doing is getting all set-up and my house all pretty-like for the big Premier.

Wish me luck on my season - it is going to be amazing!
xoxo, t

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer Knees...

..Esther's knees are taking a beating this Summer...from the poolside, the sidewalks, the roads, the grass, the gravel, the living room floor. Being 3.5 and wearing dresses all Summer is taking a toll on the poor girls knees. You can see last minute's boo boo, yesterday's boo boo, last week's boo boo, last month's boo boo, and the band-aid adhesive that I can't scrub off hard enough as it will hurt the newer boo boos.

I now carry band-aids in my pockets at all times...Hello Kitty, Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake...something to make her smile just a bit when she picks one out.

I hope this is the last Summer of the big knee boo boos. Eloise has now grown-out of the falling when running I know it won't be too much longer for poor Esther. However, I might just miss kissing her sweet knees every day.

..and think of her life stories she is girls ask me about my scars and want to hear the stories associated with them..the ones on my knees from the playground falls in elementary school, a few on my face from chicken pox, the scar on my belly from when they were born...she will be proud of her scars, and her tough knees, and maybe tell her kids someday about the fun Summer she had when she was three.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Just a picture...

..we need rain..I am so tired of watering my garden and have just started letting it die...we really need rain..

...maybe these girls can help us find some...

xoxo, t

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Grandpa Clem..

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Clem. You are missed. It is always a vacant feeling we have when birthday's come around of loved ones who are feels strange not to buy them a card or give them a call...

It's funny, as when I think about my Grandpa I realize that I don't know much about him. I knew him for 37 years...but still don't know much. He was the quietest man I have ever met. What I do know is that he was in the Navy, in the war, was a tug boat captain for 45+ years, was a husband, father, grandfather, and had a quiet peace about him always.
During our visits, we would sit in the living room - my grandfather in his chair, wearing his signature cardigan sweaters, drinking his coffee, puffing on his pipe, and listening to the shipping radio....then silently he would put on his shoes and coat and just leave...driving down to the water, getting on his tug to bring the big ships safely into the harbor.
Sometimes, my brother and I would get lucky enough to go with him and help pilot the boat. I must admit that was usually the best part of our Summer vacations. Just silently cruising the harbor with our Grandpa. And when I got a job on a harbor boat the Summer's during college, we shared a silent connection.
My Grandpa was also a boat builder - he would get old ship light bulbs and build beautiful ships inside. His basement walls are lined with them. This is the last present my Grandpa gave to me before he died. I can look at it and feel his silent presence daily.

My Grandpa's most silent gift though, was his greatest to me. You see, this man did something many men probably didn't do in the early 50's(or even today), he fell in love and married a Divorcee with 2 young boys...provided for them, loved them, was a father to them, and adopted them and gave them his name..thus giving me mine.

Happy Birthday are silently missed by me every day.
xoxo, t

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Wiggly Confession..

..I took my girls to see the Wiggles LIVE last week. I now have to come clean and tell you that they really don't even like the Wiggles anymore...Yes, Esther went through a stage where she LOVED the Wiggles and was obsessed with Dorothy the Dinosaur..see, exhibit A..her 3 year old birthday cake...
..but sadly, the Wiggles just aren't their cup of tea anymore. Last month when I heard the Wiggles were coming to town, I ordered tickets for us to go...2nd row...near the stage...near Anthony. My girls didn't seem to care..hhmm..I had to take them though, as it would look so obvious for me to go alone and stare at...Anthony.

So now, I am coming clean...YES I MADE my girls GO to the WIGGLES just so I could be near...Anthony, the blue Wiggle. I am simply ga-ga over him..and you know what, he touched me at the concert..he came down from the stage..and oh my was heaven..he was so sweaty and lovely..and LIVE in concert..what a Wiggly World.
..not feeling too badly though, as I did spy a few groups of ladies WITHOUT their kids screaming for how obvious is word.
xoxo, t

..oh, as they sing, and the kids are hearing "Yummy Yummy" and "Five Little Ducks" - this is the song that is going through my mind...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mamma Mia!!!

Holy carp - sorry but I am overwhelmed right now. Have you seen THE movie - my word...I have no words. I don't remember LOVING a movie so much...EVER...EVER. I really really wanted to jump out of my seat and start dancing through the aisles of the theater. Why didn't I anyway? Seriously, unbelievable. I have always loved ABBA..but now, even more.

What a lovely story - for a woman, for a mom, for a daughter, for anyone. Romantic, lovely, touching, hilarious, so true, so meaningful, so full of life and love.
The movie takes place on a Greek Island..and brought me back to the years that Jed and I traveled...and especially when we sailed through the Greek and Turkish Islands...these types of movies, that make me go rummaging through my old stacks of photographs sometimes make me vacillate between being grateful for the life I have today, melancholy for the life I had then, and appreciative for having had them both.
As this movie has touched me so deeply to go in search of our vacation photos..I had to scan them in to share with you our pre-digital age travels to the islands. Yes, that is me, pretending to be Aphrodite in her lovely ruins....the ship we sailed...and our favorite restaurant from the trip...
..oh, Mamma Mia...I am coming back soon...
xoxo, t favorite ABBA song..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pretty Things...

I did something last week that I haven't done in a very long time...I went antiquing. In a past life, I loved old things, kitschy antiques, fabulous finds, dust collectors. In my new life, I just decorate my home with plastic toys, My Little Ponies and Polly Pockets. Adults may cringe when they walk in our home, but trust me, kids love it...and ya know what...after 5 years of fighting it.. I am now FINE with it, dang it! I like our kid-filled, clutter filled, toy filled, fun filled home. Trust me, it will not be perfectly clean or organized for many years..and I am okay with that.
Gosh, I digress...anyway, I bought some old stuff last week. It was fun and refreshing to step back in time again in these quaint shops. The best part was that I wasn't shopping to fill our home, I was shopping for "display" items. I need a few accessories to have with my Matilda Jane trunk when I am doing shows...and did I find some fabulous props at even better prices.
I just don't hope my addiction issues come into play, as I don't want to fill my home with these items...just a simple plastic storage tub will do...however, I bet my girls would have fun playing with these lovelies.

xoxo, t

Monday, August 11, 2008


Do you know about If not, you should! Thousands upon thousands of handmade items from amazingly talented people. Sometimes I can spend hours upon hours browsing for goodies. If you ever need a unique gift - etsy is your place.
I have a few favorite sellers there...but recently bought these cute Teacup apron skirts and bird tanks from PrettyMe. The quality and style is amazing..she is the sweetest lady ever...and better yet, my girls LOVE wearing these sets.
..and a little photog trick...seems like the only thing I can say to make my girls smile these days is "monkey stars"...not sure why, but it makes them crack-up. I recommend trying it with your grumpy kids too!

xoxo, t
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