Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Call..

Yesterday I received a call from Jack, my step-dad. Jack never calls me...I call know, he is a guy...they just never call. Anyway, he also called from his cell phone...meaning he wasn't home. Not good. Jack is calling and Jack is calling and is not home. Huh. Don't answer it, don't answer it, don't answer it....

I answered it..the 2nd time he called 10 seconds later. Silence, fear, dread, tears..what, are on the golf course and need some advice on putting a 30 footer uphill into the wind, right? No.

"Buff"(that is my nickname)..silence..."Jack.." ..silence...

Okay, well the silence is normal..Jack pauses a bit between words - it is just his way...but why are these pauses longer?

"Buff..your mom is at the hospital..."

"Jack, Jack..are you there..can you hear me.."

"Buff..I am here..your mom is in the ER..she fell"
pause..long pause..." this thing on...please talk again...heellooo"

"She is fine - just a dislocated shoulder, cuts and bruises...but she is fine."

..relief, put the tears back, sit up straighter again, start talking faster again...

"Buff, I think because it is her birthday, she just was trying to figure out how to get a day off of work." ..okay, he is joking now..everything is good..

Happy Birthday, MOM...enjoy your day off from work, take pain meds and don't do that to me again, okay? You are my best friend and I wish I were there to brush your hair today or make you dinner or paint your nails. I can only hope I will be as good of a mom to my girls.

I love you to pieces.
xoxo, t


ginny said...

thank you for the birthday wish. I am so sore today and my knees look just like Esthers! Thank God there are good people left in this world - this angel picked me up off the sidewalk and drove me back to work so the ambulance could take me to the hospital....more on this later....I'm alive and well:)

Aunt Sandy said...

Not a good way to learn of this......but I need to learn more. Thanks

Melanie said...

buff is a good nickname for you.

you got me crying and i haven't even had my coffee.

get well, tracy's mommy!

Jaci said...

OMGosh, how scary! I'm glad your mom is OK!!!

Kristi Pohl said...

good heavens! Please email me your mom's address so I can send her a card, or some books, or something. glad she is okay!!!

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