Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cherish the Time...

Being 3 is hard..well, heck being 39 is hard. But I think that being 3 is very hard. With both of my girls..the 2's were a breeze..but 3 is hard..especially 3.5.

They know too much, they think they can do everything, they are starting to really assert their independence, but yet their bodies still can't do everything they think they can do..and the day turns into many episodes of frustrations and tears.
Sometimes, I feel as if our entire day is focused around this process...that everything is a struggle. How do I just make my baby laugh instead of cry? What can she do that will make her feel proud and accomplished instead of defeated and frustrated.

Sometimes I feel like crying myself...as the rough moments turn into rough days and these rough days turn into rough weeks.

..and then I start wishing the days away...wanting it just to be bed time as I don't know how to do it anymore..and wishing she would just turn 4 so maybe we can start on a smoother path. Why do we wish the hard days away when they are little..how do I start cherishing the hard days and the good days when they are little, as I know we will never get them back.
On really tough days...I play this video it seems over and over and try to just laugh through her tears and just try to hold her and let her know that I am here for her, and that I know being 3 is hard..but she and I will get through it..and cherish this time we have, and hopefully remember the good times mainly, while always remembering that the days are long, but the years are short.
Today I will hug my "temper trantrumming" 3 year old instead of walking away...today I will find things she CAN do on her own without frustration...today she will feel proud and accomplished..today she will remember for being such a good day to be 3. Today will be a very long, yet happy day, and I will miss her when I finally kiss her goodnight.


Melanie said...

oh girl... you captured how i feel about 3 very well. and why is it that 1-1/2 is so much harder when she has a big brother to keep up with?

have you looked @ love & logic at all? i really like it b/c it is incredibly empowering for the child. and very freeing for mommy.

nice boden, btw!

Aunt Sandy said...

what a wonderful video - I had never seen that before
She will be missing her big sister soon when she starts school. I know she's going to school too but not as full time as big sis - you 2 will enjoy some special time together.

Kristi Pohl said...

I love the comment, 'the days are long but the years are short" - sounds like maybe you should write a song!

seriously, I remember that age being so hard at the time, and now even when I try I can't really remember a specific day....

Michelle said...

Beautifully written!

ginny said...

Again, you made me cry. I remember feeling the same way and working so hard to make sure my children had happy fun times. There isn't a time now in my life that I don't find joy in being with family and friends - today as I get older the days are short and the years are shorter. I hope your girls will remember fun times. Loved the video!

Heather said...

so true!

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