Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pretty Things...

I did something last week that I haven't done in a very long time...I went antiquing. In a past life, I loved old things, kitschy antiques, fabulous finds, dust collectors. In my new life, I just decorate my home with plastic toys, My Little Ponies and Polly Pockets. Adults may cringe when they walk in our home, but trust me, kids love it...and ya know what...after 5 years of fighting it.. I am now FINE with it, dang it! I like our kid-filled, clutter filled, toy filled, fun filled home. Trust me, it will not be perfectly clean or organized for many years..and I am okay with that.
Gosh, I digress...anyway, I bought some old stuff last week. It was fun and refreshing to step back in time again in these quaint shops. The best part was that I wasn't shopping to fill our home, I was shopping for "display" items. I need a few accessories to have with my Matilda Jane trunk when I am doing shows...and did I find some fabulous props at even better prices.
I just don't hope my addiction issues come into play, as I don't want to fill my home with these items...just a simple plastic storage tub will do...however, I bet my girls would have fun playing with these lovelies.

xoxo, t

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Kristi Pohl said...

too cute! I have some fun things you can borrow, if you want. let me just dig them out of the attic....

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