Saturday, February 28, 2009

Getting busy, so leave me alone...

I spent Thursday making these...

...and these...

...for my Matilda Jane open house Spring HOTLINE premiere on Sunday, March 1st. Yes, because I am CERTIFIABLY INSANE, I now have made homemade tissue holders and hair clippies. Kill me now.

Like I don't have enough to do with cleaning, getting the clothes ready, paying attention to my family and playing with ashes and all.(seriously, lighten up people..seems I touched a nerve with SEVERAL of you...sorry if it actually made me laugh...some of Gram's and Wilshire's ashes may be in our house to respectfully play with and examine as we talk about heaven and God and death and the natural circle of life...but I know and you know that "they" really aren't here, right? ..and it's been a REALLY long Winter and we are bored and are struggling to find activities to keep us busy and entertained. geesh.)

Anyway, no time to mess with the dead today - my to do list is 5 miles long and it's Miss Esther's REAL 4th birthday we will have to sneak that in too. Whew.

So, if you are around here today - swing by for some cake and an Esther hug, oh and then take my kids away with you for the day if you can so I can clean and get ready for my show tomorrow...
..and if you are around tomorrow, swing by for some coffee/water/goldfish(nothing fancy happens in my house) and bring your credit card and buy some MJC spring loveliness. I will be open from 10am-2pm for your shopping pleasure..or heck, just pick up the phone and order if you don't live close. You can see the full line here.

..and as of tomorrow, don't expect much blogging for the next 2 weeks whilst I am in my MJC this might be good-bye also.

I will miss you.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

One of those days...

Wednesday morning, Eloise woke up bawling and begging not to go to school. Are you sick I asked, did something happen at school that made you not want to go back? What is wrong? Eloise answered that she just felt sick and couldn't go on Wednesdays anymore. Wednesdays? Why not on Wednesdays? Well, then she changed her mind and told me that I could go ahead and bring her on Wednesday..but not until 9:30am when Spanish starts.

Think, think, think...what is so bad about Wednesdays from 8:30-9:30? Aha

"Eloise, can you tell me why you don't want to go to school on Wednesday mornings before Spanish?"

More tears..."Mom, it's church. I mean I don't like all. I LOVE God and all the stuff about God and stuff, I just don't want to go to church anymore. It's boring, Father Joe is really boring, and I hate just sitting and standing and kneeling and just listening to boring stuff. I would rather learn about God from Sister Sara. She doesn't make it boring. Please don't make me go this week, because this week is Ash Wednesday and we have been warned it will be even longer than usual...AND they are MAKING us go to the front for ashes on our heads. I don't want to do it."

Okay, confession time - my bad mommy inner self - also "not liker" of church and disgruntled ex-Catholic secretly wanted to high-five her and say "way to be, sister...let's go have coffee instead and skip it this week - and then thought, yay! she is not going to be a nun or make us be Catholic"...but good mommy prevailed...

"Eloise, if you really don't want ashes, I cannot imagine them MAKING you get ashes.. can you just tell Sister Sara you would rather not go to the front? You need to go to Church this week."

I decided to take her to school - on time - on time for Church anyway and she would have to decide what she wanted to do once she was there.

When I picked her up after school she seemed her typical happy and silly self and didn't mention church, ashes or Father Joe. I didn't see any ashes on her forehead, but didn't want to ask about it.

Later she said that Church was better than she thought and she DID get ashes after all. She did wipe them off shortly after though. I think it still counts. Unfortunately, she then asked me if the ashes were from all of the dead Catholics and pets like our dead cat Wilshire. It was then that I realized that perhaps letting the girls play with our dead cats' and dearly departed Grandmas' ashes last week was a strange activity for a snowy day. They did have tons of fun picking out bone fragments though. Yes, it is true - we did do this. It seems so morbid now..but really, if I can back up for a moment, it was very sweet - they wanted to dump Grandma's and Wilshire's ashes together to make sure she was taking care of him in heaven. They are now together in the cat urn on the side table. It's lovely, really.

Anyway, I explained to her that no, it wasn't a bunch of ashes from dead is suppose to be the ashes from the palms from last seasons Palm Sunday services. Of course I said it with a chuckle.

After our traumatic day, she did mention she is giving up sweets for 40 days and will help me with more chores around the house, without complaining. I knew there was a silver lining somewhere. God is good.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You're so probably think this song is about you...

Esther made this "parrot" last week. I asked who she was making it for. Her response..

"...I am going to keep it for myself, I only give the bad ones away to people..."

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who me - really, little ol' me is FOUR?...

..well, not really yet...but soon. Due to scheduling conflicts with the launch of Matilda Jane's Spring season, we decided to pretend your birthday was earlier this year.
We would have been just fine with the ruse if Eloise would not have learned how to read the calendar and figure out that it really was not your birthday on Sunday. Darn Kindergarten.
So I am so sorry that as you now are shouting triumphantly "I'm 4, I'm 4, I'm really 4" that your bubble is burst as Eloise yells back "no you are NOT, you are NOT 4 yet...Mommy is just pretending..." You will forgive me one day, right?

Anyway, so Happy Early Birthday sweet girl - I know you enjoyed your pseudo party with your pseudo friends, eating your pseudo cake and opening your pseudo your first real birthday party with your friends.
..even "if" it wasn't really your birthday, I think everyone had a really good time...who wouldn't - jumping, running, swinging, being thrown into a pit of foam. We live for this stuff.
..and really who wouldn't love a cake adorned with resurrected Dorothy the Dinosaur. Yes, after spending $20 for a custom made marzipan Dorothy last year...she now retreats to our freezer awaiting her yearly resurrection upon Esther's cake until her obsession with Dorothy and my secret love for Anthony the blue Wiggle subsides.
..and don't worry, I will give you even more hugs and kisses on your real birthday...but in the meantime, you can still say and think you are FOUR, you deserve it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Warning - boring shopping post ahead...

Spring came to our door yesterday, in the form of a gray and nondescript package from overseas. "Must be clothes for the girls" Jed said as he tossed it across the room at me with a bit of disgust. Yes, Spring clothing is arriving almost daily now. Giving me fits of happiness whilst giving Jed pains of bank account hemorrhaging. Such is life keeping his lovely, stay at home, pregnant wife happy. I am just doing my best to stimulate the economy.
The package that came yesterday came from Joules in the UK. This is only our second season buying Joules, and after the reactions yesterday, it won't be our last. You can visit their site here and shop for yourself! The mommy clothing is just as exquisite and cheap in my eyes. ;)
Now, we receive many(tons) of packages at our home, and unfortunately most of the time the girls just peak, shrug their shoulders and go back to whatever they were doing before mail-time. If I want them to try something on, I now have to physically pin them down, strip them down, wipe the tears away and give them a bag of M&M's.
Joules receives a different reaction - both packages that arrived this season were greeted with ooohs and aaahs and stripping in front of me to desperately try on their new digs. ..and the fight is getting it off of them after I have taken a few pictures. They love the stuff - justifying more purchases I believe.
What I like about Joules - it is so well made, it is relatively(in my world) affordable, it is unique, it is soft and comfy on their skin, the fit is incredible - I have a VERY hard time finding clothes to fit 34 lbs 49" Eloise and Joules is sweet perfection on her, it is cute and most of all - my girls LOVE it.
...but best of all right now with the dollar strengthening right now, even with a bit of a charge for overseas postage, it is now CHEAPER to shop in the UK and Europe than in the U.S.A for boutique clothing. Okay, maybe this doesn't help our economy...but when I still want to feed my addiction for fine clothing for my girls, it sure stretches my clothing budget by a lot. I am married to a Republican after all.

Happy Shopping!

Friday, February 20, 2009

How I see my Sister...

Typically, this is how Esther sees her sweet sister Eloise. She looks up to her, gazes lovingly into her eyes, and watches her with wonder and delight.
But when asked to draw a picture of her big sister - Esther must see Eloise from the eyes of fear...her usual when she gets caught playing with one of Eloise's most prized possessions and Eloise attacks - coming at her with crazy curls flying, eyes big, mouth open and screaming, with arms outstretched to nab her prey.
The likeness is uncanny.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lordy, Lordy...the Splen Ten is 40...

The Splen Ten is turning 40 this year. Most of us have already passed that milestone. We are throwing a party for ourselves this June to celebrate our birthdays. Fitting isn't it that a group who named themselves the SPLEN TEN are now throwing a party for THEMSELVES.

Yes, in high school - there was a group on 10 of us popular girls who evidently thought we were fabulous and deserved a name. Why does this crack me up now? We were like a girl-gang..but wore designer dresses, lip gloss and really big hair. Of course, we did like our Virginia maybe that is what made our gang so cool at the time.

Our day jobs were to be the popular girls, the cheerleaders, on the National Honor Society and top of our class, in the French Club, and well to wear our hair as big as possible and wear blue eye shadow. ..but at night we cruised Broad for older boys, drank Boonesfarm, smoked Virginia Slims and dreamed about getting out of that small Indiana town and fast. I think just about every John Mellencamp song was written for our teenage experience. Our theme songs for sure.

Of course, we blame Cindi Lauper and Madonna for the obscene use of Aqua Net. Looking at those pictures above, we must have used 12 cans between us all that day. Also looking at the picture above, I am assuming it was MY mother taking the bottom picture as I am giving her a nasty look - that look was pretty much plastered on my face throughout my Senior year as I awaited getting on that Greyhound bus the day after High School graduation to escape that Small Town existence. I never looked back.

Now here I am some 22 years later - no big bangs, no blue eye shadow, no Virginia Slims, and much better taste in wine, riding that Greyhound(Airplane 1st class) back to Indiana to reminisce about the good times, the bad times and just to have some crazy fun with my best girlfriends - most of which I haven't seen in 22 years. I just hope that I am not the only pregnant one. That would be like so not cool.

xoxo, t.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I am so easy...

Earlier this week, a box arrived postmarked from Arizona. Sent Priority, marked fragile, heavy and smelled quite fantastic.

Upon opening the box, yellow and orange loveliness and the aroma of citrus filled my house.
Now for the past four days, I have been arranging them and rearranging them, smelling them, sleeping with them, and of course eating them - savoring them and occasionally sharing them.

Thanks, Mom...for picking this lovely fruit, sharing it will us and bringing some sunshine into the cold and gray Minnesota Winter days.

Note to all people living in places where citrus is available to you at anytime, especially in the Winter - Pick Some, box them up and ship to ANY person - really, ANY person who lives in Minnesota during the Wintertime. It is really the most glorious gift I have EVER received.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy VD!!!

Here's to all my friends, my enemies and my lovers(well Jed). I hope you have a day filled with candy, chocolate, and enough sugar coated excitement to continue your sugar high for the next year until you have to sit down and make 60 Valentines with your children again and wish that Prozac and Wine mixed better...or better yet, that you weren't pregnant and COULD enjoy your Prozac and Wine.

In the meantime to fill the void, I am raiding the girls Valentine bags, eating all of the chocolate while leaving them with the tasteless candy hearts, and will also vow to finish off the pan of pink covered chocolate brownies we made for Jed.
Happy VD! T.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Eloise is Reading...

..well, mainly Dr. Seuss and cereal boxes. We are working towards chapter books like her show-off Kindergarten boyfriend Wrigley...but I don't want her to be too full of herself. I have lots to tell about her School Conference yesterday...but in the meantime, please enjoy this story she wrote.
If you cannot read "Kindenglish" I will translate..
"Once there was a cat and dog. They were best friends. They play chase."

Perhaps she will be published soon.
xoxo, t

Thursday, February 12, 2009


One word to sum up how I have been feeling lately. Well, maybe uninspired and overwhelmed. Well, and tired.

My lists since Christmastime having been weighing me list that keep growing all the while, nothing is coming off, there are no red lines of accomplishments. Only words that keep growing down the page, drowning out my mind and weighing heavily on my heart.

I keep trying to remind myself that "my" list must be so much shorter than most. My family is pretty small, my girls are still pretty little and undemanding, we don't have many outside activities weighing on our time. Why does my own meager little list feel like War and Peace is resting on my heart.

Perhaps it is because the act of getting off the couch is step 1 to completing a task. Or perhaps it is because I would need to stay up past 8pm to complete a task, or perhaps it's just because I don't want to...and just won't admit it.

I DO want to blog - I just can't even muster a thought in my mind to put it to paper, and if I could get that far, finding time in my busy napping schedule to blog is nearly impossible. So, let's just say that we have done nothing the past week....or let's just list what I HAVE accomplished this week so perhaps my pity party can end - made 75 Valentines, bought 2000 pieces of candy to stuff in those Valentines, put together the perfect red and pink outfit to wear to Kindergarten V-day party, mailed 15 invitations to Esther's bday party, made 15 party bags, ordered cake, picked out the perfect outfit to wear to bday party, paid bills, canceled credit card that somebody took, mailed out 300 Matilda Jane invitations for March shows, talked to 1000 people on the phone about Matilda Jane, had lunch with Beth(YAY!), cooked at least 1 nutritious dinner without puking, shipped 100 ebay packages, listed 100 ebay items, vacuumed, dusted, went out with Jed(YAY!), 2 loads of laundry a day, napped and napped and napped.

Still to do this week - write Thank You notes from Christmas and Birthday - yes only 7 weeks late...but I am catching up, I promise.

To give me a bit of inspiration and to be selfish with my own time - I also bought some fabric this week- $10 a bolt my friends. I plan to turn our 100 year old, unfinished front porch that is currently a storage room into a lovely front porch/retreat/sitting area this Spring. I am thinking it will be the perfect place for a nap.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'll take it as a compliment...

For all of the well wishes, heartfelt congratulations, hugs and hi-fives I have received the past few weeks since coming out of the pregnancy favorite comment has got to be "wow, that is great, congratulations...better you than me." Yes, I am glad it is me.

Now that the majority of my friends are in the 40ish age segment of the population - this comment makes so much sense, makes me laugh with delight and continues to give me pause at life's little miracles and surprises.

Many times during the day I do sit and ponder the thought "oh my word, I am 40 years old and pregnant - I will be in my 60's when they graduate college..will I even be there for their wedding." Many times a day I also remind myself that I still also have a 3 year old - so a newborn at this time of my life isn't that so far-fetched or crazy.

Right now I am a mom - and look forward to being a mom again. I am 40 and ready to start again with a lovely newborn. I am not doing much else right now - except already being a mom ...I have my education, I did my 16 years in the corporate world, I have traveled the world, experienced life, enjoyed fine wine and men. I am content in my choices, my world, my family. I am young and happy and full.

Sometimes my kids do not realize how young I am. I don't blame them...when I graduated from high school, my mom was all of 39 and I thought she was quite elderly.

Case in point - the conversation from my backseat today while bringing Eloise and her friend Maguire to a birthday party.

Maguire: Hey Eloise, my mommy found out yesterday that she is going to have a boy. I really don't want another brother as I already have one. I want a sister to play with. What kind of a baby are you having?

Eloise: I am not having a baby - I already have a little sister who is a girl and she is not a baby anymore.

Maguire: No, I mean the baby in your mommy's belly - what is it?

Eloise: My mommy doesn't have a baby in her belly - she is waaayyy to old to do that again.

Just think how old I'll be when she graduates from high school. Nice.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thinking Spring...

After 2 months of below zero temperatures, snow, sickness, cold, and gray days...Spring is "sprunging" in our home. No, I didn't buy a plant or flowers, nor do we have robins singing outside.
...our first shipment of the girls Spring wardrobes starting arriving last week...and now, after seeing the Matilda Jane Spring sneak-peaks last weekend, I can finally feel Spring in the air.
Yes, shallow - that 1. I say 1st shipment when referring to the clothing arriving for our Spring and Summer wearing..and 2. That I say Spring wardrobes - like it is a proper noun or something..but, it really is.
Here are a few peaks of Spring in our home - horrible, grainy indoor/gray day, non-flash shots..but I don't still speaks of Spring to me.
Thanks for your kind understanding and continued counseling on my indulgences.


Monday, February 2, 2009

These things I know...

After a 4 day weekend in New Orleans I am exhausted yet rested and now know these 10 things..

1. Denise at Matilda Jane outdid herself this season. Just wait until you see the Spring line.
2. I am too old to go to New Orleans.
3. I cannot stay-up until 5am, drink hurricanes, give beads to strange men or show my boobies anymore(not that I ever did..but I am just saying that it is NOT going to happen anymore)
4. I would like a part-time job at Cafe du Monde so I can live on Cafe au lait and beignets for the rest of my life. Oh sweet Jesus - I need more beignets.
5. Creole and seafood - not good food choices for a sick pregnant woman.
6. Vampires do still exist.
7. I have really good girlfriends - what would I have done without Rachel, Amber and Beckie.
8. It is always nice to take a little break from real life, cooking, laundry and cleaning.
9. There are places in the country above zero degrees in January.
10. I am too old to go to New Orleans(did I say that already). I have no problem leaving that fun to the 20's segment of the population. Please, go and enjoy and don't forget to show your boobies - they are much perkier than mine.
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