Monday, February 2, 2009

These things I know...

After a 4 day weekend in New Orleans I am exhausted yet rested and now know these 10 things..

1. Denise at Matilda Jane outdid herself this season. Just wait until you see the Spring line.
2. I am too old to go to New Orleans.
3. I cannot stay-up until 5am, drink hurricanes, give beads to strange men or show my boobies anymore(not that I ever did..but I am just saying that it is NOT going to happen anymore)
4. I would like a part-time job at Cafe du Monde so I can live on Cafe au lait and beignets for the rest of my life. Oh sweet Jesus - I need more beignets.
5. Creole and seafood - not good food choices for a sick pregnant woman.
6. Vampires do still exist.
7. I have really good girlfriends - what would I have done without Rachel, Amber and Beckie.
8. It is always nice to take a little break from real life, cooking, laundry and cleaning.
9. There are places in the country above zero degrees in January.
10. I am too old to go to New Orleans(did I say that already). I have no problem leaving that fun to the 20's segment of the population. Please, go and enjoy and don't forget to show your boobies - they are much perkier than mine.


Kristi Pohl said...

Welcome home ! Did you stash some beignets in your suitcase?

Melanie said...

LOL Tracy! Sounds like a fun trip & I'd have to say I'd be in your boat in NO...too old & too pregnant! Ohhh, I can't wait to see the new spring line & I surely do not like being on the "outside" this season...I much prefer being in the know! Leslie said that I'm in BIG trouble, everything is SO I better start saving more $$ now! Hope that you are feeling better soon!

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