Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thinking Spring...

After 2 months of below zero temperatures, snow, sickness, cold, and gray days...Spring is "sprunging" in our home. No, I didn't buy a plant or flowers, nor do we have robins singing outside.
...our first shipment of the girls Spring wardrobes starting arriving last week...and now, after seeing the Matilda Jane Spring sneak-peaks last weekend, I can finally feel Spring in the air.
Yes, shallow - that 1. I say 1st shipment when referring to the clothing arriving for our Spring and Summer wearing..and 2. That I say Spring wardrobes - like it is a proper noun or something..but, it really is.
Here are a few peaks of Spring in our home - horrible, grainy indoor/gray day, non-flash shots..but I don't still speaks of Spring to me.
Thanks for your kind understanding and continued counseling on my indulgences.



ginny said...

She looks ready and of course is sooo darling in her new outfits. I'm ready for Spring also, however no CUTE outfits here! Gotta tell ya - I am loving these days in Arizona for the next week - then back to IND to the winter days once again!

Aunt Sandy said...

She is just too adorable - oh and her outfits are "her"

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