Sunday, February 15, 2009

I am so easy...

Earlier this week, a box arrived postmarked from Arizona. Sent Priority, marked fragile, heavy and smelled quite fantastic.

Upon opening the box, yellow and orange loveliness and the aroma of citrus filled my house.
Now for the past four days, I have been arranging them and rearranging them, smelling them, sleeping with them, and of course eating them - savoring them and occasionally sharing them.

Thanks, Mom...for picking this lovely fruit, sharing it will us and bringing some sunshine into the cold and gray Minnesota Winter days.

Note to all people living in places where citrus is available to you at anytime, especially in the Winter - Pick Some, box them up and ship to ANY person - really, ANY person who lives in Minnesota during the Wintertime. It is really the most glorious gift I have EVER received.


pinkebody said...

What a lovely gift, I'm drooling here.

For those of you that live in citrus states, please don't forget your Illinois friends ;-)

Melanie said...

Mmmmm, that fruit looks amazing & I'm sure the scent is heavenly! And I always crave citrus when I'm pregnant!

Ginny said...

So glad you are enjoying it! I sure enjoyed it while we were in Arizona.

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