Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy VD!!!

Here's to all my friends, my enemies and my lovers(well Jed). I hope you have a day filled with candy, chocolate, and enough sugar coated excitement to continue your sugar high for the next year until you have to sit down and make 60 Valentines with your children again and wish that Prozac and Wine mixed better...or better yet, that you weren't pregnant and COULD enjoy your Prozac and Wine.

In the meantime to fill the void, I am raiding the girls Valentine bags, eating all of the chocolate while leaving them with the tasteless candy hearts, and will also vow to finish off the pan of pink covered chocolate brownies we made for Jed.
Happy VD! T.


Andrea Hallett said...

Sounds like a plan! Were those the v-day cards the kids gave out at school? I bet that was a hit!!! :)
Enjoy your day!

Heather said...

that darn peggy! thx for making me laugh this morning! and i am so stealing your valentine LOL! have a great day!

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