Sunday, February 22, 2009

Warning - boring shopping post ahead...

Spring came to our door yesterday, in the form of a gray and nondescript package from overseas. "Must be clothes for the girls" Jed said as he tossed it across the room at me with a bit of disgust. Yes, Spring clothing is arriving almost daily now. Giving me fits of happiness whilst giving Jed pains of bank account hemorrhaging. Such is life keeping his lovely, stay at home, pregnant wife happy. I am just doing my best to stimulate the economy.
The package that came yesterday came from Joules in the UK. This is only our second season buying Joules, and after the reactions yesterday, it won't be our last. You can visit their site here and shop for yourself! The mommy clothing is just as exquisite and cheap in my eyes. ;)
Now, we receive many(tons) of packages at our home, and unfortunately most of the time the girls just peak, shrug their shoulders and go back to whatever they were doing before mail-time. If I want them to try something on, I now have to physically pin them down, strip them down, wipe the tears away and give them a bag of M&M's.
Joules receives a different reaction - both packages that arrived this season were greeted with ooohs and aaahs and stripping in front of me to desperately try on their new digs. ..and the fight is getting it off of them after I have taken a few pictures. They love the stuff - justifying more purchases I believe.
What I like about Joules - it is so well made, it is relatively(in my world) affordable, it is unique, it is soft and comfy on their skin, the fit is incredible - I have a VERY hard time finding clothes to fit 34 lbs 49" Eloise and Joules is sweet perfection on her, it is cute and most of all - my girls LOVE it.
...but best of all right now with the dollar strengthening right now, even with a bit of a charge for overseas postage, it is now CHEAPER to shop in the UK and Europe than in the U.S.A for boutique clothing. Okay, maybe this doesn't help our economy...but when I still want to feed my addiction for fine clothing for my girls, it sure stretches my clothing budget by a lot. I am married to a Republican after all.

Happy Shopping!


Heather said...

i guess i'll check out the site. twist twist.

Ginny said...

Looks like Spring has sprung at your house and of course the girls look so stylish. They are changing every day. Thanks for all the pictures!

Andrea Hallett said...

I HEART that lighthouse dress. Emme has one coming even though the smallest size is 3. Oh well, she'll grow into it right? Your girls are perfection!!!

Kristi Pohl said...

I still think I can come up with a program for your addiction.

Melanie said...

Oh my, these are adorable! Sophie happened to walk in while I was reading your post & wanted me to go back so she could study all of the pictures in detail...there were many ooohs & awwwws...I'm thinking some of this will find its way to our address as well! Thanks for the great recommendation!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tracy for the wonderful birthday pictures and the fashions. They both look so beautiful!!! I wish I had those clothes options when Amy was Esther's age. What a basttle to find clothes for a tall, skinny.

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