Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lordy, Lordy...the Splen Ten is 40...

The Splen Ten is turning 40 this year. Most of us have already passed that milestone. We are throwing a party for ourselves this June to celebrate our birthdays. Fitting isn't it that a group who named themselves the SPLEN TEN are now throwing a party for THEMSELVES.

Yes, in high school - there was a group on 10 of us popular girls who evidently thought we were fabulous and deserved a name. Why does this crack me up now? We were like a girl-gang..but wore designer dresses, lip gloss and really big hair. Of course, we did like our Virginia maybe that is what made our gang so cool at the time.

Our day jobs were to be the popular girls, the cheerleaders, on the National Honor Society and top of our class, in the French Club, and well to wear our hair as big as possible and wear blue eye shadow. ..but at night we cruised Broad for older boys, drank Boonesfarm, smoked Virginia Slims and dreamed about getting out of that small Indiana town and fast. I think just about every John Mellencamp song was written for our teenage experience. Our theme songs for sure.

Of course, we blame Cindi Lauper and Madonna for the obscene use of Aqua Net. Looking at those pictures above, we must have used 12 cans between us all that day. Also looking at the picture above, I am assuming it was MY mother taking the bottom picture as I am giving her a nasty look - that look was pretty much plastered on my face throughout my Senior year as I awaited getting on that Greyhound bus the day after High School graduation to escape that Small Town existence. I never looked back.

Now here I am some 22 years later - no big bangs, no blue eye shadow, no Virginia Slims, and much better taste in wine, riding that Greyhound(Airplane 1st class) back to Indiana to reminisce about the good times, the bad times and just to have some crazy fun with my best girlfriends - most of which I haven't seen in 22 years. I just hope that I am not the only pregnant one. That would be like so not cool.

xoxo, t.

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Stacey said...

I too was calculating the frosty blue eyes and Aqua net... Can't wait...


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