Thursday, February 12, 2009


One word to sum up how I have been feeling lately. Well, maybe uninspired and overwhelmed. Well, and tired.

My lists since Christmastime having been weighing me list that keep growing all the while, nothing is coming off, there are no red lines of accomplishments. Only words that keep growing down the page, drowning out my mind and weighing heavily on my heart.

I keep trying to remind myself that "my" list must be so much shorter than most. My family is pretty small, my girls are still pretty little and undemanding, we don't have many outside activities weighing on our time. Why does my own meager little list feel like War and Peace is resting on my heart.

Perhaps it is because the act of getting off the couch is step 1 to completing a task. Or perhaps it is because I would need to stay up past 8pm to complete a task, or perhaps it's just because I don't want to...and just won't admit it.

I DO want to blog - I just can't even muster a thought in my mind to put it to paper, and if I could get that far, finding time in my busy napping schedule to blog is nearly impossible. So, let's just say that we have done nothing the past week....or let's just list what I HAVE accomplished this week so perhaps my pity party can end - made 75 Valentines, bought 2000 pieces of candy to stuff in those Valentines, put together the perfect red and pink outfit to wear to Kindergarten V-day party, mailed 15 invitations to Esther's bday party, made 15 party bags, ordered cake, picked out the perfect outfit to wear to bday party, paid bills, canceled credit card that somebody took, mailed out 300 Matilda Jane invitations for March shows, talked to 1000 people on the phone about Matilda Jane, had lunch with Beth(YAY!), cooked at least 1 nutritious dinner without puking, shipped 100 ebay packages, listed 100 ebay items, vacuumed, dusted, went out with Jed(YAY!), 2 loads of laundry a day, napped and napped and napped.

Still to do this week - write Thank You notes from Christmas and Birthday - yes only 7 weeks late...but I am catching up, I promise.

To give me a bit of inspiration and to be selfish with my own time - I also bought some fabric this week- $10 a bolt my friends. I plan to turn our 100 year old, unfinished front porch that is currently a storage room into a lovely front porch/retreat/sitting area this Spring. I am thinking it will be the perfect place for a nap.



Kristi Pohl said...

yeah, clearly you have just been napping.

don't you feel better now that you have realized how much stuff you have actually been doing?

Beth and Bill said...

Naps are always priority #1. Laundry will still be there,as will the dishes.A non-cranky Mom is preferable in all situations! Then you'll feel up to do fun stuff like lunch!

Michelle said...

actually you're doing quite a lot. I think that's why we get so depressed in January-- we make these great grand lists and the truth is that food and laundry really take up most of our time. Go easy on yourself girl. Love you!

Heather said...

you are pregnant - the perfect excuse to take it easy!

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