Saturday, August 9, 2008

Things that Make Me Laugh...

Having a good laugh is healthy and fun. Sometimes I feel like I don't laugh when something really makes me just giggle..I usually have to own it. Well, not people that make me laugh..I can't buy them and set them on my couch and ask them to tell me jokes all day...I just wouldn't do that..and I really don't think they would come home with me either.
A few weeks back, Kristi and I went to a new fabric store and they had many politically-incorrect needlepoint kits for sale. I stood there and read each one..the next more funny than the previous, and just laughed like a teenager reading these hilarious sayings. Except I know I am not a teenager, as I think I peed myself a bit whilst laughing so hard.
Anyway, fast forward to this week and I went into Kristi's favorite store(without her...cuz she was just too busy), and as I was paying for my items I started reading the wall of magnets..and again, each one I read make me laugh harder than the previous one. So I bought a few, yes I spent $3.95 EACH for a magnet. But, I am going to stick them here and there around the house, so I can give myself a chuckle now and then..and if I happen to pee myself a bit..I know I am close to a bathroom.

Enjoy, t.
(I bought this one for Jed...hehehehe)


Heather said...

LOVE them!!! thanks for my daily laugh!!!

Melanie said...

oh my goodness, t, LOVE the republican one.

Heather said...

So funny - I actually have the clean house one!

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