Sunday, August 3, 2008

100 things...

I just noticed that I surpassed the magic 100 posts number on my blog. It was my intention to write a post that day with 100 things about myself. However, now I see it is no longer that day.

Do you think that is how my 40th birthday will be this year. I will be 39 years and 360 days old and then all of a sudden look at the calender and realize that I am now 40 years and 6 days old? I can only dream. (but that would mean I would miss Christmas too - now that would be sad).

Also, when I sat down to think about 100 things about myself...I had some trouble.

So today..I will start my post on 100 things..and see how far I get(and before Esther wakes up and my day changes)...

100 Incredibly Interesting Things About Me:
1. I am in morning person.
2. I still sleep with a lovey
3. I am deeply addicted to coffee and probably drink a pot a day..and I am proud of this.
4. I like red wine and drink no other alcoholic beverages.
5. Yes, I was a cheerleader in high school("Go Bears!")
6. ..but I never dated the football players
7. I was NOT arrested at the LK Motel the Summer of 1986.
8. The best concert I ever attended was Arlo Guthrie at a small theater in Ventura, California.
9. The longest I have ever lived anywhere is right here and right now for 6 years and I am getting itchy.
10. I lived in Fargo, ND once.
11. I also lived in Amsterdam.
12. I used to talk with a southern accent and still like to bring it out for fun.
13. I never wanted kids when I was little - I wanted to be a high-powered lawyer living in a white marble apartment in Manhattan with my 3 cats.
14. Being a mom is the best thing that ever happened to me.
15. I love to hear my girls talk about all of the babies they want to have.
16. I never thought I would be a stay at home mom - and thank God(and Jed) every day that I am so lucky to be one.
17. I was baptized Catholic, grew up Methodist and sometimes think about being Jewish.
18. When I was little my favorite meal was the Petite Cut steak at Mr. I don't eat meat.
19. I am afraid of worms(oh wait, you knew that)
20. My girls are NOT afraid of worms - thank goodness they will be able to garden for me soon.
21. Designer handbags do nothing for me. I am perfectly happy to carry a bag from Target.
22. I love Target.
23. Designer shoes do nothing for me.
24. But I am addicted to comfort shoes and obsess a bit over my Naot's.
25. Maybe I like comfort shoes because I am a runner and my feet look gross because I like all of my callouses for running.
26. I do not like pedicures and passed out during my last one as I was so uncomfortable.
27. I have each of my ears pierced 3 times.
28 I have 2 tattoos.
29. I really don't listen to much music and have never owned a discman/walkman/i-pod.
30. I wear glasses.
31. I am a cat person.
32. Now that I am a mom, I am afraid to fly.
33. I love to read and need to figure out how to have more time to read.
34. Tulips are my favorite flower - they just always seem so happy.
35. Winter is my favorite season - I love the cold and snow.

...more later...Esther is up...


Jaci said...

Love it....can't wait to read 65 more things about you. Good thing you love winter, living in MN and all. As for reading....I squeeze in a little extra reading time in the bathtub. LOL!

Heather said...

I am such a dweeb. I thought you WERE Jewish! lol

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