Monday, August 11, 2008


Do you know about If not, you should! Thousands upon thousands of handmade items from amazingly talented people. Sometimes I can spend hours upon hours browsing for goodies. If you ever need a unique gift - etsy is your place.
I have a few favorite sellers there...but recently bought these cute Teacup apron skirts and bird tanks from PrettyMe. The quality and style is amazing..she is the sweetest lady ever...and better yet, my girls LOVE wearing these sets.
..and a little photog trick...seems like the only thing I can say to make my girls smile these days is "monkey stars"...not sure why, but it makes them crack-up. I recommend trying it with your grumpy kids too!

xoxo, t


Heather said...

They are beautiful (as always)! And the clothes are cute too. ;)

Jaci said...

So cute!!! I will try the "magic words" on Andrew....he's in a "cover-face-stick-out-tongue" phase when I point a camera at him. *sigh*

Andrea said...

I love pretty me!
Your girls are so cute! I can never get Noah to smile either-he gives me that "cheesy" grin (all mouth, no eyes.) I need to try your trick!

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