Sunday, August 31, 2008

Get together...

As many of your know, I am a loner, like my space, quiet time, introspective thinking. But once a year, I break through all of my introverted idiosyncrasies and go to the Minnesota State Fair. It is the largest State Fair in the country..and I spend time with 100,000 of my closest friends on any given day.

It is now a family tradition for us - we always go - since Eloise was 7 months old and cried for most of it, and I nursed her in the cow barn. (I thought it was a fitting place and it just seemed so well..natural..but stinky).

We ate, we went on too many rides(seriously, I will be glad when they start going alone because I get too dizzy at my age), saw baby animals being born, saw all of the animals, went on the water ride and got soaked, ate lots of a stick, drank unlimited milk(moo), and just generally walked and talked and people watched.

It is one of my most treasured days of the years...pure joy for the kids, seeing so many neighbors, friends and strangers just simply enjoying everything our great State has to offer. It is the perfect ending to the Summer.

xoxo, t


Aunt Sandy said...

Jed had talked about going when we saw him - I actually think he was excited and what a great family tradition. Maybe if you want alone time it could be daddy and kids family tradition - ha ha

Anonymous said...

"Hope it's a wonderful day--Eloise looks sooo big in her headband and uniform! Bet Esther wants one too.
Two questions: who's the junior CIA in the shades eating ice cream?
How about an update on Donut? Out of the cast yet?

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