Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer Knees...

..Esther's knees are taking a beating this Summer...from the poolside, the sidewalks, the roads, the grass, the gravel, the living room floor. Being 3.5 and wearing dresses all Summer is taking a toll on the poor girls knees. You can see last minute's boo boo, yesterday's boo boo, last week's boo boo, last month's boo boo, and the band-aid adhesive that I can't scrub off hard enough as it will hurt the newer boo boos.

I now carry band-aids in my pockets at all times...Hello Kitty, Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake...something to make her smile just a bit when she picks one out.

I hope this is the last Summer of the big knee boo boos. Eloise has now grown-out of the falling when running stage...so I know it won't be too much longer for poor Esther. However, I might just miss kissing her sweet knees every day.

..and think of her life stories she is making..my girls ask me about my scars and want to hear the stories associated with them..the ones on my knees from the playground falls in elementary school, a few on my face from chicken pox, the scar on my belly from when they were born...she will be proud of her scars, and her tough knees, and maybe tell her kids someday about the fun Summer she had when she was three.


Jaci said...

Oh, poor sweetie, I bet those hurt!

ginny said...

Get the poor girl knee pads! Doesn't Matilda Jane make some of those? A new invention:) Wish I was there to kiss her knees.

Melanie said...

oh honey, just imagine if you had a little boy.

aidan ALREADY has a nice scar on his FACE. he had a 1.5 inch gash on his hand last week.

he gets fat lips ALL THE TIME too.

it's funny tho, catie skins her knees more than he ever did. girls must know that it's better to hurt your knees than your FACE! ugh.

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