Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting Ready...

Last night was Kindergarten open house at Eloise's school. We found out who her teacher is(Sister Sarah), got the low-down on drop-off and pick-up, loaded her lunch money account, dropped off her zillions of school supplies, paid our very first tuition check(choke) and found out her best friend is not in her class(tears for both of us). Don't you just hate trying to comfort your child when you are crying too. That is soooo not me to do that..typically I am NOT a crier. But, I was fighting back tears the whole hour we were there. Don't get me wrong..I am SOOO ready for her to go to school, she is SOOOO ready to go to school and I am SOOO ready for Summer to be over..but just thinking about the fact that this is the 1st day of real school for the next 17++ years just seems so overwhelming to me. I was never sad when either of my girls started pre-school as I just needed a bit of a break..but this is so, well, permanent.

Our whole group of friends have incoming Kindy's this it has been interesting talking about the emotions we are feeling. I have a very good friend who came into our home on Sunday to buy some Matilda Jane and she mentioned her dear boy was starting school on Tuesday and we both burst into tears. She is such a good mom - she even road the bus with him on his 2nd day. I did giggle when I heard that..and then thought that I am SOOO glad Eloise doesn't ride a bus as I would've wanted to ride all week with her. Another good friend followed the school bus in her car to be able to watch her little boy walk into school and then she probably did surveillance for most of the day with high-tech video equipment.

Eloise is so ready though and I am so proud of her. She came home with homework from the Open House and she rushed immediately to the table to do it. Esther was jealous as she wanted to make letters on Eloise's homework too..and Eloise proudly said "this is my homework - I will have it everyday because I am a really big girl now and am in Kindergarten and you need to respect my stuff...and remember I am going to be gone all day now and probably won't be home from school until dinner time most days, so don't touch my stuff."

Now poor Esther is in a puddle of tears on the floor yelling that she wants to be 5 so her teeth can fall out, and then she can be in Kindergarten too. Please don't let Esther know that I am hoping that they next 2 years before Esther starts school go slowly for both of us.

xoxo, t

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Kristi Pohl said...

Oh my dear. It is so hard, it really is. But it is so good, for BOTH of you, and you still have Esther. And it works that way, so you can have Esther to cherish, like you had Eloise to enjoy, before Esther joined your family. It really will be okay, trust me! And your super-smart Eloise is completely ready for this new challenge. And so are you, but you won't know that for a while yet...

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