Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Prima Ballerinas

The girls started their first ballet lessons yesterday. Since their birth, as all 'good' moms of the 21st century in our goal to overachieve and fill our babies days with lessons upon lessons..we have done it all - music, art, swimming, gymnastics, soccer, skiing, skating, and so on...but I have never signed them up for dance.

Last week, I caved and decided..what the heck - let's do dance this year..but if we are going to do it - we are not going to do community ed or some version of pseudo-dancing..we are going to go to an actual ballet studio and sign-up for the whole-meal we did. Yesterday we started.

Can I just say I have never seen so much excitement about an activity in either of my girls before. They both ran into their classes without barely a good-bye mom..they danced, they laughed, they smiled, they ran out of class afterwards never wanting to change out of their leotards(lelatards in Esther-speak)..and asked if they could do it every day.

I am so proud of them and how they are growing up and hope they can find many activities that they can enjoy as they grow. I am such a proud mom today.

Picture share of Esther only - as Eloise was having nothing to do with her embarrassment of a mom taking pictures of her with her 'friends'..blah, blah, next week I need a plan B for Eloise pictures so she doesn't take notice of me.


Aunt Sandy said...

What a great experience for them. Darling pictures

Kristi Pohl said...

The very first one is my FAVORITE! I can just see them, and how much fun they are having. Tell Eloise that one of her parents friends hired you to take pictures of her friend, and you can take them of Eloise instead! Nothing like a good old Mom Fib to get what you need.

Melanie said...

i didn't know oilily made leotards! :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Esther is just so adoreable and she looks like she is floating on cloud nine!

The girls are so lucky to have such a good mom.

Thanks for sharing them with all of us.


ginny said...

Darling! I LOVE the first picture especially. They need mirrors in their rooms and of course the ballet bar (or whatever you call it) How fun. I hope they really have a wonderful time and I can just see them now on stage doing the Nutcracker. They will be famous.

Peggy Marino said...

Oh how adorable! She is just so precious!

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