Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gerbil Stories

(I am telling this sweet story of our conversation yesterday in the strictest NOT let Eloise know I passed this she would be sooo mad at me.)

Me: "Hey sweetie - did you have a good day at school?"
Eloise: "Oh mom - look, look - there is my 8th grade buddy Natalie! I am so lucky, I got the tallest and the prettiest..and she wears braids." (I am thinking that I really like her because she is 14 and wears braids!)
Me: "Why do you have an 8th grade buddy?"
Eloise: "Because we will go to church for the 1st time tomorrow - so they paired us up with a buddy to take us to church the whole year - she will sit by me and tell me why I am there and what they are doing"
Me: "What a great idea - she looks like a nice fun!"
Eloise: "Yes, but today wasn't very much fun as all we did the whole day was get ready for church - how we would walk there, what they would do, how long it would last, and then Sister Sara just told us Gerbil Stories all day..ugh"
Me: "Gerbil Stories - what are that a new book you are reading?"
Eloise: "Yes, the Gerbil Stories is a book all about God and Jesus and going to church."
Me: "Huh, never heard of it - is is a big book or a bunch of little books?"
Eloise: "It is just one big Gerbil Book with lots of different stories in it...some kids at school said they had a Gerbil Book at home too."
Me: (trying really really really hard not to laugh) "OH, you mean BIBLE STORIES - was the big book called the Bible?"
Eloise: "Gerbil, is just a book about God."


Aunt Sandy said...

What a great story and someday she will laugh at it too.

Beth and Bill said...

Funny! What an education you ALL will be getting this year!

Jaci said...

LOL!!!! You have to print that out and save it to show her someday. That's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

You should tell that one to the good Sister!

Anonymous said...

The Gerbil story almost tops the guy on the wall comments. It should all be published in a book about Kids say the dardest things in religion class.

Anonymous said...

I love the shoes tht Esther has on with her Matilda Jane outfit.

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