Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Day!

Esther started preschool yesterday. The day wouldn't be complete without wearing Matilda Jane from head to toe.

..right before leaving home..

...after we dropped Eloise off at school, I took her for a carrot muffin at a favorite bakery - note the last minute hair style change on the way to school...

..all smiles after school..she loved her first day and played with lots of her friends that she already knew...

What did I do? Laundry, vacuum, make MJ phone calls and ate a piece of toast..maybe I will take that run today.



ginny said...

She must be happier now that she is in school too! Love the hair. Eloise will be jealous of Esthers clothes she gets to wear!

Michelle said...

Oh my she looks adorable! Fab pics!

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