Sunday, September 7, 2008

European Fashions...

Since I still have nothing brilliant to say...I will bore you with more cuteness. I love European clothing for children - the fit, the style, the fabrics, the feel, the is the complete package.

Little Esther is in her new dress and tights from IKKS - one of my all time favorite brands. She continued to wear this dress for most of the 92 degree day we had.

..and if you are wondering how Miss Eloise is doing - she is doing great in Kindergarten. I will get a post together with all of her questions, comments, triumphs and tears from the first week.

xoxo, t

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Anonymous said...

The comments of Eloise's first week at school are priceless. I'm not surprised she loves K so much. She is so smart and so ready for school.
I remember my first day of K like it was yesterday. I loved my teacher Miss Reagan and loved skipping to her playing the piano. I often think the reason I became a K teacher was because I loved that year sooo much. Even though I am now retired I do miss K and the activities and the kids and their incredible comments.
About the "guy hanging on the wall"...when mu cousinn's son was E's age and saw the cucifix for the first time his comment" Gee, wouldn't you think someone would have bought the guy some underwear" Classic remarks out of the mouths of babes. So good that you are documenting the great things your kids say.

About Esther.... She is soooo beautiful in the blue outfits. The clothes match her eyes. My God, these little granddaughters of ours give us such joy!!!!!My favorite howoever is the Mickey Mouse hat shot. She is such a little character..

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