Monday, September 8, 2008

Make Believe

Tomorrow my mornings of make-believe, my hours of princess tea parties, my daily ballerina recitals, and occasional rock concerts will come to an end. Tomorrow, my Minnie Mouse, necklace wearing, poodle purse carrying, tutu wearing, ballet shoe adorned princess will start preschool.
Tomorrow, there will be no one to make me laugh uncontrollably, no one to make-up songs with, no one to take the zoo wearing the most fabulous ensemble of the week.
Tomorrow I will have Mommy "lonely" time - where I can drink a coffee with a friend, go for a long run interrupted, actually clean my house, read some blogs, and take time to take-in my perfectly quiet house.

I will miss my princess of make believe...but not enough that I will be playing dress-up and dancing to Dan Zane tomorrow, all by my lonely mommy self.


Kristi Pohl said...

Relish your mommy-time, it flies by and before you know it, it's time for pick-up, and where did the time go???

Once things settle in I am ready for coffee!

Beth and Bill said...

She is supercute and will love school so much! She will talk your ear off when she gets home and then you'll really like your Mommy time!!

Melanie said...

awe, it's bitter sweet, but i bet it will give you more time for reading the national review, watching fox news and volunteering for the mccain campaign!

ginny said...

How adorable! Enjoy alone time! Before you know it - it's always alone time!

Jaci said...

I bet she'll have a blast at preschool! And you won't believe how fast the time goes....especially if you use the time to run. I *just* have time for a nice long run and a loooonnnngggg hot shower before I have to go pick up A from preschool.

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