Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kindergarten Top Ten

The Top Ten Comments made by Eloise her first week of Kindergarten:

#10 Why is Sister Sara called a Sister? I have a sister, but I don't call her sister?

#9 I will never pee at school.

#8 When we are asked to line up - all of the girls listen and line up quietly and the boys run around like monkeys.

#7 I don't understand gym..why do we all just have to go in a big room and run around in circles..can I have Spanish class instead tomorrow?

#6 I can buy chocolate milk for lunch every day and there is nothing you can say or do about it, because you are not there.

#5 My music teacher's name is Barry Gross..giggle..giggle(sorry it cracks me up that she is already making fun of her teachers)

#4 We pray a lot - what is that all about..I think it is kind of like the blessings we used to say at the Jewish Community Center..just in English.

#3 If I learn to read everything this week - don't feel like you need to stop reading to me.

#2 I have to stay at this school forever so I won't leave Esther since she is so far behind me.

..and the #1 comment made by Eloise this week at school(and yes, heard by her teacher...Sister Sara) "Hey Mom, who is that guy hanging on the wall?"

I told the "guy hanging on the wall" story to a friend and her mother-in-law this weekend, and her MIL told a very funny joke that I won't completely repeat - but this little boy who went to Catholic School in the joke, got straight A's and did all of his homework as he didn't want to end up like the kid on the plus sign on the wall in school.

Oh, little Miss Eloise is having so much fun and learning so much..and I can't imagine the comments and questions she will have after her first Mass this week...especially if you haven't seen my post about her first Pope sighting...sigh..

xoxo, t


Melanie said...

wow. i can't believe she is going to a catholic school w/ actual nuns. i hope the nuns are nicer than when i was in school!! really i do, for their sake. we don't want them to encounter the wrath of tracy!

Aunt Sandy said...

Priceless - I loved it all

Kristi Pohl said...

This is why we blog! You are creating such a cool scrapbook of your life.

I am crying laughing into my coffee. And I completely get the whole bathroom thing, I was the same way.

Michelle said...

Eloise is HILARIOUS! I would buy chocolate mil and laugh at Barry Gross too!

Heather said...

omgosh how funny! love your girlies!

AS said...

trying again.
too cute. I'm sure sister Sarah knew she had her work cut out for her.
can't wait to see all of you this w-e. Give the girls kisses.

AS said...

i just keep trying!
this is sooo cute

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