Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hey, who is the guy in the Party Hat?

Eloise and I were looking for something to watch the other afternoon while Esther was napping, and while channel surfing she yelled..."hey, go back..there is a guy in a party hat...I want to see that.." ... " stop there, that guy, why is he wearing a party hat?"

Me: "Well, that is not a party hat."
Eloise: "Then what is it and and who is he."
Me: "I don't know what the hat is called, but he is the Pope."
Eloise: "Who's the Pope?"
Me: "He is the head of the Catholic Church"
Eloise: "Well, isn't that God's job"
Me: "I think they work together"
Eloise "Mom, he just he real"
Me: "Yes, he is a real man"
Eloise: "Can we google the name of his hat"
Me: "Sure, let's do that later" (seriously, what did parents do before google?)
Eloise: "...and why is he wearing pajamas in front of all of those people?"
Me: "Those aren't pj's(giggle giggle)"
Eloise: "..and look, there are other guys who have them on too and they are all dressed alike like me and Esther do.."
Me: "Yes, because they all work with God and Catholic Church too - there are Cardinals, Bishops, Priests..."
Eloise: "but a cardinal is just a bird?"
Me: - (at this point I am trying to think of something else we can do..)
Eloise: "Oh my goodness - those boys helping the Pope are wearing dresses and skirts - WHY would they dress up like girls and not like boys.."
Me: "Sorry, I can't answer that.."
Eloise: "Mom, look those other guys in pj's just took their big white party hats off and now they have red hats - are they now Jewish?
Me: "No, I don't think they are Jewish"
Eloise: "Why is it now really quiet and everyone has their eyes closed and their hands together"
Me: "They are praying to God"
Eloise: "Do you think He really cares where you put your hands when you are praying?"
Me: "Hey, let's see if Dora is on yet..."

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Melanie said...

VERY profound. i think she is going to be a theologian. and no, i am not kidding!

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