Friday, April 11, 2008

It's all about the Chai...

Being a savvy, touchy-feely, well-read, know-it-all mom from the new-age of parenting...I don't like my girls eating chocolate. There, I said it...I am really, really mean. I don't know why I feel that way - I just don't like them having candy and all that stuff. Oh sure, they scrounge for the occasional M&M or get the little lollipop at the post office....but when Easter and Halloween roll around I start getting the shakes thinking about all the darn candy they are going to get. Lucky for me, after the 1st day of excitement and candy...and me letting them eat one piece...I put it all away for daddy to eat and they never ask about it again. See, I am mean, they know it, and they accept it. :-)

Okay, where is this going...oh yes...this brings me to the most evil drink ever created...HOT CHOCOLATE...I mean come on, you can drink chocolate out of a cup...what were they thinking? It's evil I tell ya, and it's everywhere! We live up North and it's below zero almost all year, so it's a huge industry here - and every time you go play outside in the snow, ice skate, ski, throw a's like your God given right to have a cup of hot chocolate. What gives? So, being the mean mom I am and "banner" of all things yummy, I won't make it. what do have in our house that is even yummier, must be better for you, and mommy can share...CHAI TEA LATTE's . Yummy, decaf, non-fat, frothy, spicy(yes, with a touch of sweetness) concoctions that my girls love and ask for by name!!!! Yum Yum Yum...and there is nothing cuter than 2 little girls sippin' it out of there special Starbucks coffee mugs. Hey, Mom wants a bunny on her mug too!

Eloise always finishes hers first - anytime she gets a special treat/sweet or that rare piece of chocolate, it is gone within she is afraid I might take it away before she can finish it...(seriously I have never done that - but I have thought about it) after downing her tea "shot like." she jumps down from the table and tells Esther to come and which Esther responds (oh, Esther savors everything she eats and makes it last and last and last...) "not now Eloise, I'm finishing my coffee..."


Melanie said...

cute! i wonder if my freaks would like chai... i fell in love with chai in college. mmmmmmmmm

Gail said...

Do you have a recipe for your Chai?
The pancake recipe looks great, Katie and Mitch will probably prefer the "make mom work harder" method!

Our happy family said...

We're a family of Chai drinkers here too! We like David Rio. :)

Funny story - When Annie was about 18 months someone pulled out and totaled our van. We were both ok thankfully, but as I pulled her from her carseat and asked if she was ok, her first words were 'Tea, tea' - she had dropped her cup of Chai in all the excitement. lol!

Rachelle said...

Oh my gosh, this is too funny and the photos are precious. Love what you wrote about Esther. Sweet. Or, maybe not so sweet, after all you are against too much sweet. :o)

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