Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary...

6 years ago today, Jed and I were married at Tulloch Castle, in Dingwall Scotland...well, at least we think it was today, April 21st...Jed thought it was the 20th and I thought it was the 22nd - so we had to call our friend, Kristi(who actually writes things down in a calendar...hhhmmm what an interesting idea)..and she has it written down as the we are going with that for now.

It was a gorgeous day and an amazing venue. I was living in Amsterdam at the time, and Jed was still in the US - so we were planning to get logistically this worked the best for us. Scotland is kind of like the "Vegas" of Europe - you just show-up with your passport and birth certificate, find a minister from the Church of Scotland, a nice medieval castle...and you are good to go. I highly recommended it! It was only us, no family or friends - which I think both of us really preferred as neither of us likes the limelight too much...and we were meant to have a party when I moved back from Amsterdam, but Eloise joined us quickly perhaps we will have a big bash at our 10th..

...oh crap...that is the sound of Esther puking in her bed...I was up with puking Eloise all night, so now I guess I know what I'll be doing today...marriage is so romantic sometimes...gotta run..

Here are some pics of the castle we were married in, our wedding pics and 2 pics of us while dating - our 1st vacation together, skiing...and a pic from our 3 week trip to Turkey...maybe we'll just go back there for our 10th rather than having a party - sorry we are so orange in some of the pics...but these are pre-digital images that I scanned in and couldn't get the color corrected...but gosh I loved my dress..
hugs, t.


Melanie said...

happy anniversary! gorgeous pics & great story!!

i am praying the girls are better soon.

colored pencilgrandma said...

Happy Anniversary Tracy and Jed
So nice to see your wedding pictures and your commentary. Wow! can't believe that it is 6 years already. You both have a lot to be happy about, a beautiful house and family. Great job to you both.
Sorry to hear that both kiddos are sick YUCK! No way to celebrate your anniversary. Sorry we are not all closer and could give you a break so you could celebrate in some way. Unfortunately, with kids "the "best laid plans of mice and men".
Maybe, when the kids are better you can celebrate.
We are enjoying having Ginny snd Jack here. Your mom is a BIG help with the computor. I wish she would stay for a few days more I'd really be a pro on the computor.

Beth said...

Congratulations! We still have your Christmas card with the pic from Turkey.Its such a beautiful place.
So sorry the girls are sick! Get a case of lysol! Hopefully by the weekend you and Jed can celebrate properly.

Jaci said...

Happy Anniversary (a bit late). Hope you all are well now and you & Jed get to celebrate.

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