Monday, April 7, 2008

The Rainbow Connection...

So, Moms (and Dads) - there comes that time in the day where you need to take a shower...and everyday you wonder what you are going to do with your little kids while you are in the shower...and what your little kids will DO while you are in the shower. Will they just read a book quietly, will they watch a movie, will they draw, will they watch their younger siblings? Do you put them in the crib, playpen, saucer so they can't escape? Will they turn the stove on? Open the door to a stranger?

I'm lucky that my girls have never gotten into mischief during this 5 minutes everyday. Oh sure, I admit that occasionally as I am standing there in the hot water, I will hear a scream and think for a moment..."do I get out...but the water feels SOOO good, I am sure they are fine." A shower is such a luxury at times.

Anyhow, while pondering what they are up to during yesterday's shower...this is what I came out too..

Two sweet little girls, so proud, with pictures behind their backs and an introduction by Eloise..."Mom, we know you have been a bit sad this week, so Esther and I each made you a surprise...see...aren't they beautiful..."

(oh, see on Esther's picture how the word Mom is crossed out and replaced by Dad...a bit later in the day, before I could scan these in, Esther asked Eloise to make her picture for Dad instead...she is fickle that way.) Nice.

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