Thursday, April 10, 2008

Do you ebay?

It has been brought to my attention by a few loyal readers...that I should explain my Blog Name..."Sellabit Mum." If you already "get it", no need to read further...have a great day and thanks for stopping by! :-)

My Blog was actually named by Jed, my husband. (...oh, and I will have a post soon that talks about him...I just need to take some pictures of seems that all I have saved on my computer are pics of the girls and clothing...)

Anywho - he said I should name it Sellabit Mum - as I sell clothing on ebay as my Stay at Home Mommy job - get it..'Sell - a - bit'...and also it's a play on words for his complaints daily on being a man...and my constant mantra that I am too tired, the kids are awake, I have a headache...blah blah blah...Wow, TMI(that means "too much info" for those non text/chat people.)...but hopefully my name now makes sense! Oh, and the Mum part - that is just a fancy smancy British-esque(oh, even Canadian) way to say Mom. I wanted to sound refined also.

I have been selling on ebay now for 2.5 years and it's become my addiction and my livelihood. I sell my own girls outgrown boutique clothing as well as take consignment from other fine ladies who overdress their kiddos too. I LOVE what I do and appreciate the love and support from my family in my venture.

Here is a link to my ebay store in case you don't bother looking over on the left side of my Blog main page to see that it is there also. (just a little blog reading tip...)
Wild Rhumba


Melanie said...

ok, t, i totally got the selling part.

and not sure i thought this, but i thought you and your husband were all "bow chicka mow mow" all the time. this is a shock.

Jaci said...

LOL.....ditto what Melanie said!!!

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