Friday, April 4, 2008

Channelling Photog Goddesses...

I have had an interest in, just taking really, really, really good pictures... for a long time. This year...resolution #3458907...I WILL take better pictures....NO, I will take amazing hot, beautiful, publish worthy pictures.

Here is a picture of my new baby - yes, my loving husband bought me my first DSLR!!! It's a Canon Rebel XTi and she's a beauty, and will help me achieve my basics in GOOD digital photography. In the 3 months that I have owned her I have learned a's not easy to do, you can't just point and shoot, automatic mode is for sissy's, kids don't stand still, kids make silly faces, cats are no better, I shouldn't expect my friend Mike to be on call for me 24 hours a day for questions, I've had to buy 2 books, scour 345 web pages, find out the meaning of exposure, aperture, (there are a few other terms but I can't remember them now...let me go find my books), and delete HUNDREDS of dreadful photos.

I am VERY hopeful though and I am having FUN - I think I can really create loveliness with this lump o'metal and plastic(and whatever the heck else it's made out of).

Over yonder - to your left..up at the top(yes, your left - not my left if you think I'm looking at you though the computer right now - that is your other left)...there is a picture of the day. This will be filled with my photog practice and improvement. I would appreciate you noticing that I am getting a bit better. ...and if you think I'm not, please keep your little negative comments to yourself unless you've walked the walk.

Oh, and my first ever memory of a camera and interest in photography started with this little photo taken of me in 1974. (gosh I was cute). It was taken by my Uncle Marty on the 1st Polaroid Instant/self-developing film camera I ever saw - you know the type where the picture comes RIGHT out of the camera and you just stare in wonder and amazement at the pic appearing right before your eyes(hopefully minus fingerprints)'s like magic and I will always remember that day.

Okay, tangent thoughts on this you see that shirt I am wearing in the photo...the little patchwork peasant style circa 1974 lovely that was probably sewn with love and perfection by my Aunt Sue for 78 cents (I'm making that part up, I have really no clue where it's from..but she is uber talented and and could have done it.) Anyway, for the past 34 years I have looked at that outfit(yes, including the knit poly pants I have on) and have just laughed at that shirt I have had on. My goodness, what was my mother thinking....weren't there hipper more Brady Bunch-esque things I could wear? Then I realized - I put the same darn top on my girls for Christmas this year(note the same style top- just a different pattern...but still oh so the same.) It's moments like this you realize that it all does come full circle and that you can't make fun of your mom anymore for her taste in clothing.

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ginny said...

It's comments like this coming from Tracy (my lovely daughter)concerning how I dressed her as a child that I say to myself "thank you Lord"! Like they say - like Mother like Daughter.

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