Wednesday, April 9, 2008

School Days, School Days...

WOW - our little(gosh, not so little) Eloise is going to Kindergarten in the Fall. I remember when WAYYYY back when I was in Elementary school, you just went to the one in your questions asked. It was simple, fine and you just went with all of your neighborhood friends.

Well, these times are-a-changin' and did you know that not one kid in our neighborhood goes to the same school? I think it's actually very sad, and sometimes I long for that small town feel. (Well, okay, we live in a large metro area - right in the city - and I love it here and would rather have my neighbor going to different school then to give up my lattes, museums, zoos, english muffins at restaurants(private joke) and food selections at our grocery stores.)

With that said, for the past 4 months we have been touring and applying for kindergartens. I have spent 650% more time picking out my kids kindergarten than picking out my college 20 some odd years ago. We have toured 7 schools and filled out many applications and had way too many discussions with friends on their thoughts and choices....and here we are 4 months down the line and we still have no clue where we are going as yes, after you apply - it takes 3 months to get your acceptance letters - and these are PUBLIC schools. We just keep waiting for the mail to come, just like waiting for our college letters so many years ago. ...and there is a GOOD chance we won't get into any of the public schools of our choice! Okay, this could go downhill fast with my opinions, rants, raves and so I am stopping now.

Anyhow, it's just kindergarten, RIGHT - she will be FINE no matter where she goes..she's bright, funny, sweet and an amazing teacher's helper...see what I mean..

...but I am amazed at what these kids learn at an early age her preschool this year, they have learned all about the solar system, most of the Presidents, all the parts of your body, etc...they dropped that shape, color, number, letter learnin' years ago when we started insisting they learn it at home by age 2. :-)

..oh, and here is my kindergarten picture - again, wasn't I cute...

...but I was probably lucky at that point to sing my "ABC" song, whilst 35 years later Eloise can tell me about the Incandescent Gas in the sun. (sorry E if I spelled that wrong.)

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Heather said...

I have a K girl as well so I feel your pain. And ITA with the time spent on this compared to my college decision! lol

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