Saturday, April 19, 2008

Oh my gosh we look like twins...

So, I have an obsession with dressing my girls alike. I am not sure why - but I LOVE to do this...and they seem to really like it too. Am I weird - or do other mom's with same sex kids do the same thing? I happen to think it's adorable and will do it for as long as they let me, or as long as I can find sizes to match...well, let me clarify...I don't plan on sending them off to college in matching dresses or anything - I'm not that weird. matching girls through the years...okay, and I will be "weird" too and tell you the brand of each outfit they are wearing(and have a link to their websites) I said, it is a bit of an obsession..

Hey, wait a minute - these aren't my kids - OMG can you believe this is my Mom and my Aunt Sandy - they seriously look like my little Eloise and Esther...and hello, I am NOT weird - look, my Grandma dressed her 2 girls alike back in 1952..she was such a trend-setter. It must run in the family...thanks Gram, I love you and feel more centered about my "issues" now. :-)

Gymboree girls - I don't buy that brand anymore...

Oilily Mini Rose Overalls

Baby Lulu Geraniums - I love these pics

Oilily Fuzzy Diamond Coats for Halloween - how sweet is that!

Baby Lulu


Oilily Picnic girls for July 4th

Oilily Butterfly dresses

Naartjie - love this brand!

My new love - Matilda Jane!

I just took this yesterday - look at the way they are looking at each other - I need this in a frame...anybody else? Oh, and they are wearing their new Matilda Jane Damsel Dresses and Neapolitan Ruffle Pants - too cute!

Thanks for letting me share!


Melanie said...


i discovered something new yesterday, an etsy seller! i'll send you the link. yummy.

pinkebody said...

Well, let me know when you list their Matilda Jane. I like to dress my girls alike too & I think they're right behind your in size :-)

Ann said...

You're not weird because if you're weird then that means I am too! I dress my girls alike a lot, and I've got three of them! Love the pic of your aunt and mom!!!

Our happy family said...

3 matching girls in our house too! :)

Aunt Sandy said...

Love all the pictures and the different outfits and aw yes the one of your mom and me.......

Especially loved the photo above this one where we are all dressed up for G & G 25th Anniversay party. Yup we are a stylin' family.
Love ya

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