Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NOT a Happy Anniversary...

...not that I am bitter or anything...

Number of gifts Jed gave me on our anniversary ZERO
Number of flowers Jed gave to me on our anniversary ZERO
Number of meals I asked Jed to bring home for me on our anniversary ONE
Number of meals Jed brought home for our anniversary ZERO
Number of girls puking in our house on our anniversary TWO
Number of times that I cleaned up puke off of me, the floor, the bed, the blankets, etc..EIGHT
Number of couches, rugs, blankets, pillows, girls, etc cleaned...I lost count
Loads of laundry I did on our anniversary SEVEN
Number of hours I watched PBS with the girls on our Anniversary SIX
Number of Lemon Tarts(lovely gift from a friend..not my husband) that I ate ALL BY MYSELF on our anniversary ONE
Number of excuses for not recognizing our Anniversary - the numbers are still coming in
Number of lies told on our Anniversary - at least ONE
Number of days before Jed has sex with me again 365
A woman's sweet revenge...PRICELESS

...not that I am bitter of anything...

What lightened my heart yesterday - Esther was sitting on my lap, she turned around to face me, put my face in her hands, looked into my eyes, put her nose to mine and said.."Mommy, you are so sweet to take care of us all day.." ..and then she puked all over me..

What broke my heart a few days ago..While out shopping with the girls for Jed's small anniversary gift, the girls were so excited and wanted to help, hold it and pay for..and Eloise said to me.."Do you think Daddy will ever take me to buy a gift for you?" Doubtful - but maybe I am a bit bitter...


Melanie said...

I think that Jed owes you a plane ticket to Chicago where you can go shopping with your friend Melanie. He should also put us up in a fabulous hotel in the city and pay for a day at the spa.

And I think 365 days is too soon.

Kristi Pohl said...

Now doesn't that make you feel better? As I have said, blogging is cheaper than therapy...and I am so glad you enjoyed the whole tart.

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