Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In a Nutshell..

What we did on vacation:

Day 1 - Drive, drive some more, see Iowa and Nebraska out our windows. I read, Jed drove, the girls watched a movie marathon.

Day 2 - Drive, drive some more, see Nebraska and finally Colorado out our windows. I read, Jed drove, the girls watched a movie marathon.

Day 3 - rest(Esther got up at 5:45 as usual), swam, walked around, grocery shopped, laundry - wow, it is like being at home.

Day 4 - Esther and Jed - ski all day, Eloise cry all day, I read all day, trying to ignore crying daughter.

Day 5 - Jed - ski all day, Esther and Eloise cry - and I mean HARD - going into the ski school. I shoved them in quickly for a very quick escape so I could read all day. After the initial screaming, Eloise and Esther ski all day.

Day 6 - Swim, eat and ice skate.

Day 7(Thanksgiving) - All 3 of them ski all day - HAPPILY - and professionally I might add. I read all day(more about my reading addiction later). Get back exhausted to Condo at 5:30 - we had planned to go to a fancy smancy restaurant for their $150 Thanksgiving feast - but the state of my skiers(tired, stinky, crying and laying on the floor) made it impossible. Next best thing, Chinese food! Yummy. Everyone is happy - most important thing about Thanksgiving...happy people being together.

Day 8 - Explore Vail/Eagle valley, swim, eat, clean condo - go see Santa, tree lighting and fireworks at Beaver Creek.

Day 9 - Drive through snowstorm in mountains and finally make it to Nebraska.

Day 10 - Drive though ice storm in Iowa, DVD player in the car breaks, finally make it home.

Whew! We had a fabulous time...first vacation in over a year. ..and YES, I AM a skier...I LOVE to ski...and YES, we were in Vail and Beaver Creek and I DID NOT ski. Can you believe it? Crazy. Not really. This was the girls first time skiing and I really wanted to watch them and take pictures..and you know, I don't think I've read a book in 2 years - so I read 6 of them last week...ALL BY MYSELF - with NO ONE asking me for goldfish once. It was sunny and lovely and I sat outside with my latte, camera and my book for 7 hours a day. Pure bliss I tell ya - and FREE too! xoxo,t

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Kristi Pohl said...

What a well deserved break for you, so glad you got to get away! And the girls looked like they had a great time. And the money you saved on that turkey dinner can certainly be better spent elsewhere...

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