Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It is Official...

I am Old.

When did this happen. When did I grow-up and NOT be that cool teenager anymore, or that smart single girl in her 20's, or the career woman in her 30's. When did I get old?

Not that there is anything wrong with that - I just didn't realize it happened.

My reality check happened this week at Abercrombie & Fitch. Hello..has anyone over 35 stepped in that store lately? Sorry, but I admit I have not be in one in over 10 years. Frankly, because it is not my style anymore, because I am old, and well, I don't date men with that style anymore because well, I don't date since I am married and I don't know any men who dress like that anymore.

However, my teenage nephew - who is cool(they probably don't even use that term anymore..) wants an A&F gift certificate for Christmas. Goodness he doesn't want his old aunt picking out his clothing for him.

I stepped into the store and almost passed out. Seriously, between the ear-splitting music and smell of cheap cologne...how can anyone be in there for more than 30 seconds? I felt like I was back in a cheap College bar. I kept waiting for the Roxbury Brothers from SNL to make a cameo appearance. I quickly put on my ear plugs and nose plugs(not really, just wishing) and found my way to the counter so I could chat with some lovely teenage girls.

...our conversation...

Girl: "hi"
Me: "I would like to buy a gift certificate"
Girl: "what?"
Me: "I would like to buy a gift certificate"
Girl: "what?"
Girl: "gift certifcate?"
Me: "YES"
Girl: "how much?"
Me: "$xx dollars"
Girl: "what?"
Me: "$xx dollars"
Girl: "what?"
Me:(passing out now from cheap cologne smell and massive headache from REALLY LOUD MUSIC) "$XX DOLLARS"
Girl: "oh, sorry it can be hard to hear in here sometimes."
Me: "Ya think? - Wonder how we could solve that problem.
Girl: "what?"
Me: "nevermind"

I couldn't wait to get out of there and relax with a latte. Perhaps at my age though, I should be moving up to bourbon.


Melanie said...

girl, i was in there like 4 yrs ago and i had the SAME reaction you had, so if you're old, i'm older. LOL


Kristi Pohl said...

I understand that occasionally little old ladies carry discreet silver flasks in their handbags, just for this purpose...perhaps you need to ask for one for your upcoming birthday? Tastefully engraved, of course....

ginny said...

Do you want to feel YOUNG again? You might want to pay a visit to a nursing home or find a restaurant with homemade food! OR, only hang around with older people!!!!!

Jaci said...

Heck, I get high off the cheap cologne just walking BY that store (not sure I've ever been in there) and I know I'm not nearly as old as you (wink, wink!).

pinkebody said...

I couldn't stand that store even when I was a teenager lol.

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