Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Tunes...

I mentioned a few posts ago that I don't own a Holiday CD. I am really okay with that - don't go out and buy me one. I have a nice borrowed collection from Kristi, and 102.9 has 24 hours of Holiday Music to listen to.

I do have a few favorite Holiday tunes though.

My all time favourite - David Bowie and Bing Crosby singing "Little Drummer Boy"..

There is something about the "old" and "new" singing a tune together that just touches my heart. I can listen and watch this over and over. I think this is from 1977 or so. I was in love with David Bowie back then...English and wearing eye make-up. What do you think Bing thought about that?(the eye make-up part, not the English part). When I think back though, I really did have a thing for guys with make-up. In the early 80's I was madly in deep love with Boy, an English transvestite. Thanks mom and Jack for not judging me when I made you watch the AMA's and was screaming and crying over him. Thankfully my tastes of changed. Well, I did get a bit hot watching Lance on Dancing with the Stars this season..but I digress.

My 2nd favorite Holiday tune(to be an equal opportunity blogger) is from Mr. Adam Sandler. Happy Hanukkah.

From our 4 years at the Jewish Community Center - we are still proudly spinning our Dreidels and Esther has asked me when we are lighting the Menorah. Eloise is also singing "Potato Latkes" nonstop this week. I guess that means I need a recipe.

It is all so confusing sometimes - I got out out Nativity set this week(yes, we do have one) and Eloise told me that Mary was me, Joseph was Santa in his younger years and Baby Jesus was her friend Norah who was born on December 25th. I am sure that sweet Sister Sara is now praying for her.

Whatever you are celebrating - or how or why or with whom - just enjoy some music, some friends, some family and some laughter.
Happy Holidays.

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