Friday, December 5, 2008

I am A Sheep.

Baa baa. A conformist. A follower. Baa baa.

I mentioned that I read a lot on our vacation. Well, 35 hours in a car gives you some personal time. I had a nice pile of books to bring on the trip - the ones that I collected this Summer and I just kept moving around the house so I could dust them and around them...never opened and never read. I usually stick to the classics, trying to stay away from any series. I have never read Harry Potter. So, I had my classics, my Summer romances, my People magazines and ahem one Danielle Steele(shh!) in my stash. All set. However, on my quick trip to Target to buy the girls some surprise Dora art books for the car, I noticed a display out of the corner of my eye. Oh Rachel, Michelle and Beckie...couldn't you have just kept quiet about these books. I have no need to read them...none. Sucker. I bought it.

I decided that I had to see what all of the hype was about...that is all. After reading a bit, if I decided if it was trash, I could toss it out the window in Nebraska and some rancher would be grateful to save a trip to The Wal-mart to buy it. Funny thing is, I had the book finished by the time we made it to Nebraska. Thank goodness for the movie marathon going on in the backseat - it was "mommy uninterruptus" time. I did remember to throw goldfish to them on occasion.

Now, what to do for the next 8 hours of the trip? Back to my regularly scheduled reading selections. Fine. Within 2 days of being in Vail though - my hunger peaked and I had the visit The Wal-Mart and buy the next installment. Sucker. I skipped skiing for the next 2 days just to read it. Thank goodness for ski school. "Bye-bye girls!"

So, I am a sheep - baa baa..take me to your leader. The final 2 books(in hardcover) are now sitting here next to me. I am trying as I might to save them for Mexico at Christmas. We'll see if I can resist.



Heather said...

giggling at you! but aren't you glad you conformed? LOLOL

Stefan said...

baaaaa! But don't you love a good escape?

Melanie said...

i'm praying for you. and heather too. ;)

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