Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lost Cat

Have you seen this cat?
We noticed this sign at our corner and we are just devastated for this poor kitty and owner. The girls and I have searched the entire neighborhood looking for this cat. Sadly, not really to return it to it's owner..but just to see it in real life. I have never seen a cat that looks like this. Most cats I have seen look like the one know, with fur..and a body, and not an outline. Call me intrigued.

..anyway, so we haven't seen poor Ely. We have searched..and did find one very similar..but in red marker and the cat didn't answer to the name Ely, so we let it go. We really should've kept it though, because outlined cats with no body must be hard to find these days.
I feel bad for poor Ely, walking the streets alone in his black outlined head.
If we do find Ely, we are also going to give Ely's owner a digital camera and printing abilities. Poor Ely's owner.
So, if you have seen this cat, please call Dan, as he must be missing his kitty very much.


Melanie said...

poor ely! and how does he go POTTY?? out his NECK? poor poor ely.

Kristi Pohl said...

and the saddest thing of all, his owner didn't even love him enough to have a PICTURE of him!

and he named him after a northern Minnesota community!

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