Friday, October 10, 2008


You may remember this fabulous post back in July...

..and then look at these photos today and wonder why I am posting pictures that I took back in July..but NO..this was my street...

Yes, our street has been torn-up since April. Happy Dusting Day again in my house...NOT.
They have run into some "complications" and our street will not be done until May of next year. This poses a problem for me - we live in Minnesota and have this little thing that happens at the end of October and last through April...WINTER! This just isn't going to be pretty when all of this mud freezes.

They have us on a temporary water system - see the lovely pipe and hoses in my front lawn - that FREEZE if it is below, well freezing. Two nights we've been told to have 2 faucets running to stop the freezing of the hoses. Nice. At least we don't have to pay for our water right now! :-)
So, the guys(and ladies) out front are working 13 hour days in the dark to try to at least install our new water pipes before the snow flies - and next year they will work on the road again.
If you are coming to visit - I apologize if you have to park more than a block away and walk so far when it is 30 below.

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Kristi Pohl said...

oh for crying out loud! every time I drive by I think of you, (especially when it's raining, and you live in mud-land) and I keep meaning to ask you when it is done, and now I know!

go take a long hot shower, on St. Paul...

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