Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Know...

I know a man who lived happily ever after with his bride for 59 years and
I know a man who misses his bride very much and grieves daily with a heavy heart

This man I know has led a simple and good life...but
I know this man hasn't always led an easy one

I know a man who was raised in a home of abuse and
I know this man left school by 10th grade to earn money for his family

and I know this man fell in love and married a girl when he was just a teen
This man came out from this home of abuse and married a lovely girl and
together this man I know with his bride raised 7 children

This man I know worked very hard to provide for his family, he bought them a home,
took them on vacations, taught them to fish and taught them values.

I know a man that had a hard time showing love for his family and was tough and gruff,
and seemingly impossible to love, and I know his bride loved him dearly and provided such
a deep love for him that he her misses daily

I know a man who raised 7 amazing children, who have contributed and loved in this world
and are still proud of this man, and love this man even through his many faults.

I know a man who was told a week ago that he is dying...badly...soon

I know this man is scared and sad, yet at peace with seeing his bride again soon. It's been 3 years and he misses her

..and I know a man who held his granddaughter's hand yesterday and put his forehead to hers, and through their tears told her that he loved her very much, and that everything was going to be just fine.

I know that it will be Papa, I just miss you already.


Andrea Hallett said...

I'm so sorry Tracy. Your Papa sounds like a wonderful person with a wonderful family. You, your Papa and your family are in my thoughts.

Michelle said...

I wasn't going to cry. I wasn't. But the last few lines did me in. I'm so sorry T.

Anonymous said...

So sorry Tracy, my thoughts are with you!

Kristi Pohl said...

Tracy, that is a beautiful way to honor him. Hugs to you.

scoop2771 said...

Oh, Tracy I am crying for you too. since I never knew my grandfathers it is always so much more bittersweet when I hear stories like these. Glad you were with him.

scoop2771 said...

Oh, Tracy, you made me cry. As someone who never knew their grandfathers this story is even more bittersweet. Glad you were with him and told him you loved him. Praying for him.

Ginny said...

I thought I had cried all I could for the time being, you once again proved me wrong. Thank you for being there, it was important to all of us. Wouldn't it be nice if we could live our lives one day at a time enjoying each other and appreciating our purpose for this life. He has lead a good life providing for his family and himself. Hopefully he is proud of all of his acomplishments, because we are. I am so grateful we have this time with him.

Peggy Marino said...

Thank you Tracy. Very well put, you have a great way to putting your feeling in writing. Glad we were all together last weekend. Too bad we were missing Uncle Jerry.
Love Aunt Peggy

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