Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We have lived in this house for 4 years. In that 4 years, the projects we started in the beginning are still mainly sitting here undone. With raising 2 kids, working mainly full-time and lists a mile long - our home has gone largely untouched and seemingly unloved. I am no Martha Stewart and I am okay with that.

Now, with baby #3 coming, I see all of these unfinished edges and they are weighing on me like a ton of bricks. This list a mile long that I must get done by July. I think it's called nesting. It is also the realization that if I don't do it now, after baby, I will slip back into ignore mode for another 4 years.

I have bought paint for our plain white kitchen and recovered our window seat bench and pillows, I have bought paint for our bathrooms, I have bought fabric and paint to make our front porch an inviting place - to sit and read and visit and play...and to ban the recycling, garbage, bikes and scooters to the garage.

Now that the girls will officially be sharing a room, we have purchased matching duvet covers, curtains, and have started a gallery for them to make and display their artwork. A place to make their own.

Still to tackle - our outside paint, our front door, our front steps - but I need Jed to tackle those. I am sure he doesn't want to mess with an evil, hot and uncomfortable pregnant those should be done in a timely manner too.



Ginny said...

How refreshing this all sounds. I'm excited to see the welcome changes. For the kitchen, I like the green or orange (welcome back the 70's). Anxious to see the new bench cover in person. LOVE the art gallery the girls have, how fun. I'm all for Jed getting motivated to remake your beautiful home! Change is fun, upkeep is not - but necessary:(

Amanda M. said...

We have lots of projects here, too. I know the feeling! :)
All the pics you posted look fab, though!!

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