Friday, January 23, 2009

Baby News..

Thank you so much for the sweet wishes on my blog and on Facebook yesterday.

Since I shared the news, it seems people want more information. I've never kept a secret this long, and from the mouth of my mother yesterday "well, I understand you didn't want to tell anyone, but that doesn't usually include your mother." I will use that line someday on my daughters.

Some interesting/and very boring facts about this baby/pregnancy:

1. Melanie is speculating that the baby was conceived during an Election Night - Obamarama baby making celebration. I don't think so - since I voted for Obama and stayed up that evening until 3am to find out who our senator was going to be(still don't know), and Jed went to bed at 10pm in disgust when our new President was announced(yes, he voted for McCain and what's her name), there would be no happy party sex in our house that night. I am thinking that a few nights later I must've done it to ease Jed's Republican depression. I must've also been drinking wine.

2. I feel like a big ol' pile of doo doo. I was sick when I was pregnant with both girls too - but not this sick. This is puking 24 hours, wishing for mercy, teeth rotting away, sores in my mouth from the stomach acid, I've lost 9 lbs sick. This is the best diet ever though and I am back into my size 2 jeans after jumping to a 4 last year. (bright side, bright side) However, a grapefruit is starting to appear under my belly button and I think my skinny days may be ending. Until then, I have signed up with the major TV networks to talk about my new diet plan. I will be wealthy like Valerie Bertinelli. Except I would never marry a member of a hair band. Yes, I was a teenager in the 80's, but I never liked hair bands. Gross. Boy George, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper and Madonna were more my style. Popular girl ya know.

3. Is Jed happy? Yes, I think he would like 6 kids - but he still needs to find that 22 year old to marry him because this old lady will be done after this. Oh, and he got fixed this he would need to deal with that too.

4. Do the girls know? NO. We told them when I was pregnant with the 1st baby I lost and so we have chosen NOT to tell them ever. When we bring the baby home in July we will tell them it is just on a day loan. I think they will fall for it. Seriously, we will probably tell them in the next month of two - or when I really look pregnant, whichever comes first. Currently they just think I have the 3 month flu and they think watching me puke is really cool.

5. Boy or girl. It is currently a 50/50 chance. Good odds for one or the other, don't you think? I had an ultrasound yesterday as my first check for downs, etc(all is FINE!) but it was too early to tell the sex yet. I go back in 7 weeks for my Level II and we will find out. Jed REALLY wants a girl. He was been thinking of businesses we can own called "3 Sisters" and has big plans for the 3 girls. Jed also has named her already. He gets to pick the girls 1st name this time and I get to pick her 2nd name. If it's a boy, he will either have this lovely girls name or will be named Barack. If he is named our chosen girl name, he will also have to wear cute bubble rompers with a floral print and ruffle bum accents to keep my shopping habit alive and well, and we hope that when he grows up and finds the love of his life that prop 8 has been overturned in California. amen.

6. I am old. Yes, 40 and pregnant - it's like a bad Hallmark card "I'd rather be 40 than pregnant." Well, at least I am not fat. I am getting a t-shirt made.

7. How is the baby? The baby has 2 arms, 2 legs and 10 finger and 10 toes, a body and a head and a nose, and is measuring ahead of schedule. All tests have come back great and perfect thus far.(they do lots of tests on us old moms) The baby's heartbeat fluctuates between 168-175.

8. I am due at the end of July, but will have a scheduled C-section this time as I am NOT going through what I went through with both Eloise and Esther...NOT. So, I don't have an exact date yet. I DO plan on driving down to Indy for July4th weekend though to party it up with my girlfriends as we do a mass 40th bday party celebration(I think I can have a few glasses of wine by then as what, will I be making an eyelash at that point?). I am considering leaving the girls there for the month of July and driving home by myself. Hey brother Troy - got room for 2 more kids in your house? What do you think would happen to my girls if they lived with their 3 boy cousins for a month? They would probably learn to hunt for worms, drink chocolate milk and become Wii addicts. The shame. I would at least need a promise that they would be dressed cute every day.



Melanie said...

Well, the good news about being sick is that it generally indicates high HCG levels and a healthy pregnancy. I had two of those.

If you get sick of losing weight, ask your doctor for some ODT Zofran. You must get the ODT (orally dissolving) b/c you probably won't be able to swallow the other stuff without throwing up.

Yesterday, I seriously got out my Outlook calendar and counted back 13 weeks to election week. They did say that you Democrats would be multiplying thanks to election night love, but I know you don't force your beliefs on your kids, so I will get baby #3 a subscription to the National Review ASAP.

Congrats again! I am thrilled for ya! xo

AFC said...

OMG Tracy!!!! That is fabulous news! I am due July 4th, so we will both have July babies! Best wishes to you. XOXO

Aunt Sandy said...

WOW congratulations hope all goes well for all of you. Love ya

Stacey said...

Yeah for Tracy... What a wonderful blessing...Take good care of yourself.
You also mentioned the Splen Ten fortieth birthday celebration... Yeah for that too...
Thinking of you and saying a prayer!
Love, S

scoop2771 said...

Congratulations and I cannot wait to meet the newest addition! A boy would be nice since we don't have any in the family (other than Jed) but I'm all for sharing the clothes and I like "3 Sisters" as a business. Maybe that's what I need to do to drop my holiday lbs.

Miss you all!
Auntie Amy

Ginny said...

Please remember your quote and be sure to inform the girls that Mother's are to be informed of everything! You have in fact kept secrets from me and I hope I live long enough to find out exactly all that you did as a teenager, the stories continue to come in and that has been 20+ years ago!
I was sicker than a dog with your brother, so maybe it means it's a boy. Pictures are already cute! Anxious to read if Troy and Amy are ready for two girls for the summer! We just pray for a healthy baby. Just think if I would have had another child at 40 you could have a brother or sister attending college right now!

pinkebody said...

Huge congrats Tracy!! I'm so excited for you & hope all goes well.

iampregnant35 said...

Hey congrats for pregnancy .Wishing you a very good luck

cutiepiescustomcreations said...

LMBO at your witty post :) Congrats on the pregnancy!

Amy M. said...

We would love for the girls to come stay with us. Just pack their outside play clothes so .....(wait do they have any?) LOL!!! So they will not ruin their pretty clothes at the hundreds of baseball games they will be attending during their stay. We will promise to dress them beautifully on Sundays for church:) Remember they are coming to a house full of worm playing, mud wallering, frog handling, ant squishing, picking up nasty dead things, sweaty, stinky, sports playing, princess doll haters.............. boys. But these boys love their cousins. LOL!!!!! We love you!!!! Amy

Heather said...

I have been in my own little world for a few weeks now, so I'm behind I know. Just read this and wanted to say that I am SO happy for you. Praying for a smooth pregnancy for you!

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