Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Bake-Off....

..oh, excuse me...I meant the election...oh no, I mean the recount..well no, now it's the legal battle.

Ah politics in Minnesota. If only Paul Wellstone were still here, none of this would be happening. Sigh, the good ol' days.

Every day I read the paper and every day I watch the news, and every day since September these 2 guys have entered my home, my mind, my computer, my TV, my complete State of being and now I take Prozac.

Please leave. I have better things to do - like shop for a new stroller, new wardrobe and mini van and diapers and eat bonbons of course. I also need a manicure and would like time for a massage. However, because I just cannot help myself..well because I care...I keep watching the saga of a ego led soap-opera that was once our Senatorial election.

I stayed up almost all night on election night to see if Mr. Coleman or Mr. Franken would be the big winner. It was Senator Coleman by a bit over 200 votes - thus a mandatory recount began. We(Minnesotans) were told we would have a Senator by year end. Didn't happen. The recount ended in favor of Mr. Franken by a margin of a bit over 200 votes. However, of course he isn't the winner either - now Mr. Coleman sues and as long as there is a court battle, we don't have a Senator representing the great state of Minnesota. Tomorrow, the case goes to court for the court to decide who OUR Senator is since evidently, it is no longer up to the people.

At this point it seems to me that 1/2 of the State wants Coleman and 1/2 wants Franken and 1/2 doesn't want Coleman and 1/2 doesn't want Franken. At this point I think we should do one of a few things to finally end this madness and give Minnesotans what they deserve - A SENATOR and a voice dang-it.

1. Throw them both out and give the seat to Independent candidate Barkly.

2. Appoint a woman - any woman at this point. Or me perhaps.

3. Have them either arm wrestle or flip a coin or have a dance off - either way, really does it matter - 1/2 the State feels this way and 1/2 feels the other way - so really we just want it done.

4. My favorite option - a good old fashioned bake-off. Each gentleman has to make 3 million chocolate chip cookies and as the public we don't know which candidate made which cookie but we have to taste them both and decide which one is better...because really 1/2 will be happy and 1/2 will be sad.

Let's just move-on and stop wasting our time, money and important news space.

Let's get back to shopping and stimulating the economy again. I can only do so much.

Vent over, t.


Melanie said...

new diapers? are you going to do cloth? all the good liberals do!

Tracy said...

oh yikes, hell no.

Kristi Pohl said...

So, are you a cafeteria liberal?

We would know right away which cookie was Franken's, as it would be full of nuts.

Ginny said...

Even I'm tried of watching it and hearing about it - therefore - I elect YOU.

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