Monday, January 19, 2009

Dorothy, we are not in Mexico anymore...

After a full week of -20 temperatures, we are going CRAZY sitting in the house. We are sick of playing Hungry Hippos, we are sick of playing Go Fish, I am sick of dressing and redressing American Girl Dolls, I am sick of finding Playmobil pieces, and personally how many computer games can they really do.
Finally on Saturday, the temps rose to +15 and we rejoiced and played outside in the tropical Minnesotan heatwave. We skated, we sledded, we snow angeled and we just enjoyed our new found freedom from the jail we like to call home.
We love living in Minnesota - and we are a hardy bunch...but enough is enough. If we are going to have all of this snow, please give us some temperature breaks so we can try to go out and enjoy it.
I hear in the forecast that we may even have a brush with 30 this week - sounds like snowman building weather to me.
I know the people in Florida think we are nuts. I am okay with that, cuz we are a bit nutty and proud of it.

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