Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sorry Jed,

...but it's a girl thing. Sigh, poor Jed. It has already started. The lone man in a house of girls(and a castrated male cat of course). It had to start sometime.

Jed picked Eloise up from school yesterday as a special treat. Poor girl. She was devastated. You see, something embarrassing happened to her yesterday at school and she waited most of the day to see me at pick-up to get it off her chest and let it all out. She was so brave though, she quietly greeted Jed and rode home in silence waiting to see Mom. The moment she came through the door and saw me she burst into tears coming to me for help. She grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs away from Jed and away from listening ears. She did tell Esther she could come too - but just keep to herself.

She then sobbed and told me her story(never to be repeated to anyone else mind you - so don't even ask). I gave her lots of hugs and kisses and understanding words and eventually the tears turned to laughs and she was ready to move on and enjoy her afternoon.

I have a feeling - being she is just 6, that this will be the start of many mother-daughter talks. I just hope when she is 16 she will come to me too. I just know that poor Jed is going to feel a bit left out though as some things are just to personal to discuss with a dad.

I think he knows that he has about the most special place in her heart though. I just get picked sometimes because I am the right sex at the time. We all serve a special purpose for our kids. I am just glad I can be there when called upon.



Kristi Pohl said...

She probably won't want to talk to you at all during her teens, but you know she will eventually come back! Maybe that will be Jed's chance to be the go-to parent.

LOVE the pic!

Ginny said...

Those special moments are so precious.

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